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Endless searching, tab-clicking, and context-switching is destroying your sales team…and your bottom line. Spekit's AI-powered content recommendations automatically recommend contextually relevant, deal-accelerating content right where they're selling.


Real results.

Spekit AI is powered by generative artificial intelligence to supercharge your enablement efforts and your sales reps.  
AI Content Recommendations - Live in Beta 💫
Spekit AI knows what content reps need to close that deal, even before they do. Automatically surface the case studies, one-sheets, answers, and more reps need to close, when and where they need it. Currently available in Chorus, Gong, Gmail, Salesloft, and Outlook Browser.
AI Content Creation
Instantly generate baseline content for playbooks, tool definitions, sales scripts, and more.
AI Content Summarization
Summarize SOPs and lengthy documentation into digestible, bite-sized training with a single click.
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The right content, for the right context

Every sales interaction matters.  Spekit AI analyzes the context of meeting transcripts, emails, and more to automatically surface relevant content recommendations based on who reps are prospecting to and what they care about.

Transform content visibility - and usability

60-70% of marketing & enablement content goes unused. Until, now.

Spekit AI searches your entire content library to find the most relevant, helpful resources to bring your content to life and multiply the impact of your enablement.

Content themes keep your reps in the drivers seat

Spekit AI's suggested themes empower reps to seamlessly navigate through content recommendations based on their specific needs or use case, ensuring the right content is never more than a click way.

When reps find the right content faster, everyone wins

Reps can say "goodbye" to the days of hunting, digging, and endless searching.

Enablement teams can say "so long" to manual tagging, mapping, content collecting dust, and wasted effort.

Enter a world of faster, smarter enablement for all.

Summarize lengthy documentation in seconds

Convert ineffective long-form content into clear, digestible bites, with a single click.

Turn a single sentence into a revenue-generating playbook

Instantly generate baseline content, revise formatting, create summaries, and more. The options are endless.

Enablement reimagined for the rep means...

More selling, efficiency, and growth for them.

Less pointing, repeating, and training for you.

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introducing just-in-time enablement

Instantly deliver enablement when and where your reps need it

One unified platform to centralize your sales content and make it universally accessible, shareable, and impactful - from anywhere.

Eliminate content chaos and siloes

  • Centralize sales & marketing collateral for easy onboarding and searchability
  • Accelerate content delivery with lightning-fast content creation
  • Reduce content maintenance with built-in feedback and governance
  • Simplify reporting with user, team and buyer-level content analytics
Sales Content Management

Focus reps on selling, not searching

  • Accelerate ramp time with personalized, just-in-time training and coaching
  • Reduce context-switching with instant access to resources and playbooks
  • Eliminate guesswork with AI content recommendations for meeting follow-up
  • Drive seller efficiency with one-click content sharing and real-time notifications
Just-in-Time Enablement

Increase alignment and adoption

  • Reduce the learning curve with simple in-app tool and process onboarding 
  • Improve data hygiene and rep confidence with embedded guidance
  • Simplify change management with real-time, in-app notifications
  • Assess proficiency and drive accountability with knowledge checks
Tool and Process Adoption