sales knowledge & enablement

One platform to onboard, train, and coach reps

Centralize and surface the knowledge, playbooks, and content reps need to ramp and close deals faster.

Onboard reps

Not another LMS. Centralize training once and surface anywhere reps need access to drastically reduce ramp time.

Reinforce training

Embed sales plays for high-value accounts, target industries, or personas where reps are selling.

Communicate change

Instantly notify reps of time-sensitive changes, new resources, and key announcements.

Assess retention

Trigger short, in-app quizzes to quickly reveal the effectiveness of training and opportunities.

50% faster onboarding, training, and ramp time

Spekit arms reps with every answer at their fingertips - from day one to closed won. Create, surface, and share knowledge and resources effortlessly.

“Spekit’s true power is delivering playbook snippets in context. If I train my head of sales to qualify, it makes more sense for him to see the process when he’s about to qualify someone. Contextual enablement is definitely the future.”

Sam Choi headshot

Sam Choi

Reinforce sales playbooks where sales plays happen

No more scrolling through 100-page Google docs. Spekit delivers real-time sales plays for high-value accounts, target industries, personas, and more - right when and where they're needed.

“Spekit has served as our one-stop-shop for all of our reps that have questions regarding our sales processes and best practices, which saves me time so I can focus on other priorities for the team.”

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Kyle Eligio

higher rep quota attainment
faster onboarding & ramp time
more time selling

Instantly communicate time-sensitive changes, resources, and updates

Implementing a new tool? Rolling out revised processes? Trying to get eyes on a new piece of collateral? Communicate directly in the flow of work to keep reps aligned.

"Look no further, Spekit is the best. Being able to scale onboarding has been a game-changer. We've been able to reduce the amount of time we are spending responding to questions in Slack by creating content in Spekit and sending Speks."

Kristen O'Brien headshot

Kristen O'Brien

Uncover coaching gaps and training opportunities

Trigger short quizzes and assessments where reps are working to strengthen retention without disrupting productivity.

“With the help of Spekit, questions never go unanswered. Spekit has significantly reduced the time that employees are spending searching for content.”

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Gloria Ramchandani

Time is money. Save both by ditching your clunky CMS.

CMS solutions are difficult for reps to use and for admins to manage. Unify your sales content and effortlessly surface where reps are working to drive adoption, engagement, and accelerate pipeline.  

"In a single week, we saw the engagement for a piece of content increase 10x with Spekit. Being able to both push out new content AND make it accessible wherever our sales reps work is an absolute game-changer."

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Aaron Clark

No-code enablement that works where you work

Created by enablement experts, Spekit is easy to use, implement, and maintain.

Content titled "HubSpot Best Practices Template" selected for import into Spekit.

templates & playbooks

100+ Customizable Templates

Don’t start from scratch. Browse hundreds of prebuilt templates for common sales tools, playbooks, and processes.

Analytics showing search activity within Spekit.

Powerful analytics

Identify and close learnings gaps

Track what resources reps are using to close business and drive pipeline.

Spekit integration in Slack showing.

Integrations & Extensions

Spekit works where you work

Automatically surface with Salesforce, Slack, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn,, and more.