About us

We’re building the future of sales enablement

At Spekit, we're building a world where learning happens naturally in the flow of work — with knowledge and content that is contextual, personalized, and instantly accessible.

One where you can maximize the minutes of your life and learning at work becomes as easy, joyful, and instantly gratifying as it is in our personal lives.

Meet Speki, our lovable mascot

We chose an octopus for our mascot because, like an octopus, Spekit centralizes all of your information in one place and surfaces it wherever you need it (like the arms of an octopus). With Spekit, you’re never more than a click away from the answers you need!

Did you know…


Octopuses do not have tentacles, they have arms.


Octopus brains are large and complex, with excellent memory and problem-solving skills.


Octopuses have nine brains — a single central brain and eight mini-brains that control each arm.


Octopuses are fast! They can reach speeds of 40km/ hour.

Our Story

Spekit co-founders, Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra

In a world that’s constantly evolving, we noticed a gap when it came to how sales reps were being trained and enabled in their roles.

As technology surged ahead, the methods for learning, training, and enablement remained stuck in the past, relying on outdated PowerPoint presentations, lengthy courses, and disparate tools. This made it incredibly difficult to access, share, and consume the knowledge or resources employees need to thrive.

We couldn’t sit idly by, so we embarked on a mission to liberate ourselves from the constraints of old methods and reinvent the way people learn and enable at work.

January 2018
Spekit is founded by Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra
September 2019
Spekit raises $2.54 million seed round
September 2019
Spekit launches the Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship
Spekit ranks 6th among Denver’s Best Places to Work
march 2021
Spekit raises $12.2M Series A
january 2022
Spekit welcomes Dan Scheinman, first investor in Zoom and SentinelOne, as Board Member
january 2022
Spekit raises $45M to reinvent training for remote teams

We believe knowledge should be...

Where you
work most

Knowledge should be integrated into your everyday workflow. No more endless browser tabs searching for documentation.

Easy to create and maintain

Creating and maintaining your knowledge should be easy and hassle-free, ensuring knowledge sharing becomes a habit.

Accessible to every employee

Every employee deserves equal access to knowledge, empowering them to thrive and contribute at their full potential.

A habit for employee growth

We believe in fostering lasting retention and transforming learning into a habit for continuous growth.

Meet our spektacular team

Behind the scenes, we have an extraordinary team of talented individuals who are passionate about empowering employees. They’re the dreamers, the innovators, and the go-getters who work tirelessly to bring our vision to life. Meet our amazing team, the masterminds behind Spekit’s success.

Madiha and Eduardo visiting the team in Pakistan
The one you’ve been waiting for? This is it! Get ready to LOVE what you do!
PK team outing
4 Spekit team members at the ATD 2023 booth
Group photo of the Pakistan team on a group outing
US team photo outside the Denver office
I’ve never worked with such a passionate, motivated and inspiring team!
Katie HUtmacher
Sales and CS team members at an event.

Awards and Recognition

G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Leader
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Users most likely to recommend Enterprise
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Best Relationship Enterprise
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Easiest To Use Mid-Market
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Easiest to do business with Enterprise
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Best Support
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - High Performers Americas
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - Easiest to do business with Enterprise
G2 Badge - Summer 2024 - High Performer
G2 badge, Users love us
Crozdesk 2024 - Quality Choice Badge
Crozdesk 2024 - Trusted Vendor Badge
Crozdesk Happiest Users 2022
2022 Best Places to Work Award
BuiltIn's 50 Startups to Watch
BuildIn's 2021 Best Places to Work in Colorado
Constellation ShortList Q1 2022
Colorado Inno Fire Award 2021
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