About Us

Leadership Team

Meet the dynamic and accomplished leaders steering Spekit’s strategic direction and propelling the organization to new heights.

Melanie Fellay
CEO & Co-founder
Mel is a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, a Top 100 Female Entrepreneur to Watch, and has been featured across Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and more. She is leading the revolution to reinvent learning at work with Rufus, the trusty Goldendoodle, by her side.
Seth McGuire
President & COO
Seth brings 15 years of GTM leadership, ranging from startups to public companies like Twitter and SoFi. He believes there's no better reason to jump out of bed than building cross-functional revenue strategies (besides his lovely wife, daughters, and Pancakes the dog who doesn't let him sleep in).
Courtney Scheidt
Director of People & Recruiting
Courtney is a dedicated people leader with a strong background in recruitment, people ops, talent management, and culture. She’s deeply passionate about creating remarkable experiences for both candidates and employees.
Jackie Smith Norton
Director of Customer Success & Onboarding
Jackie is a customer success and onboarding guru with experience in product adoption and strategic planning, fueled by a passion for creative and critical thinking. She has a proven track record of increasing product adoption, retention, and satisfaction across various SaaS platforms and industries.
Jason Pratt
VP of Finance
Jason is the wizard behind the curtain at Spekit, managing all things finance, data, and operations with over 10 years experience in the finance world. In his free time, you can find him on the golf course or hiking with his dog, Sadie.
Larkin Dahal
VP of Customer Success
Larkin boasts an impressive history of bolstering customer loyalty, elevating Success squads, and nurturing customer connections. When not scouring Facebook Marketplace for hidden gems, she’s a cooking enthusiast, conjuring delectable feasts alongside her son and trusty Chiweenie companion, Miles.
Paul Hepworth
SVP of R&D
Paul has been shaping ideas, codebases, products, teams, and companies in the tech industry for 25+ years. At Spekit, he leads R&D and applies his passion for high-functioning teams and technology to accelerate employee productivity and effectiveness through just-in-time learning.