The Spekit platform

The AI-Powered Enablement Experience

One unified platform to centralize your sales knowledge and make it universally accessible, searchable, and useful - from anywhere.

The Spekit Difference

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Works where your team works - automatically.

Spend less time answering repetitive questions & more time driving revenue-generating activities.

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Infinitely easier. Infinitely versatile.

No code set-up. Lightweight and agile management. Upload, iterate, surface, and share in seconds.

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AI-powered content creation & recommendations.

Instantly create and connect sales reps to the right content, at the right time with the power of Spekit AI.

Hear from our customers

Meet the enablement experience that sales reps adopt instantly, use constantly, and love deeply.

Case Study

How Copado cut onboarding to less than 90 days with Spekit

“With the help of Spekit, questions never go unanswered. Spekit has significantly reduced the time that employees spend searching for content.”


Senior Director, Strategy and Business Operations at Copado

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Case Study

Learn how Southwest Airlines drives productivity and communicates process changes in Salesforce with Spekit

“I have honestly never seen a tool as quickly accepted and loved as Spekit was by our sales Team — it was awesome.”

Libby Magliolo

Former Manager of Organizational Health at Southwest Airlines

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Case Study

Learn how Deel increased crucial communcation engagement by 42% with Spekit

“Spekit has been a game changer in terms of increasing our visibility on content and communications engagement. By utilizing Spekit, we’ve been able to make data-driven decisions to inform how, what, and when we launch internal enablement initiatives.”

Lizze brockman

Senior Product Enablement Manager at Deel

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Case Study

How Vortexa reinforces sales playbooks without a dedicated enablement team using Spekit

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a solution that does 10% of what Spekit does at 10x the cost. Having a mini sales coach ever-present across all your different software platforms is priceless.”

Sam Choi

Head of Revenue Operations at Vortexa

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Case Study

How Greenlight Guru streamlined 6 software rollouts in a quarter with Spekit

“With Spekit, creating content is super intuitive. You can embed quizzes and videos to really teach people but you can also entertain them with gifs and stuff to have fun with it.”

Aaron Clark

Revenue Systems Manager at Greenlight Guru

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