Create content once - embed and surface anywhere

Equip sales reps with bite-sized answers, training, and content embedded directly into the app they’re working in — exactly when they need it.
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Spek embedded with a video on Salesforce Opportunity.

The quick answers, playbooks, and resources your reps need — when and where they need it

Speks empower you to make the most of your people, processes, and technology.

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Maximize productivity with instant access to information

Give sales reps instant access to the answers they need, so they can spend less time searching and more time selling.

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Minimize mistakes caused by lack of knowledge

Drive adoption and retention of processes by providing step-by-step process guidance where sales reps are actually completing processes.

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Spend less time on
content creation

With rapid authoring capabilities, you can quickly and easily create and update Speks to keep knowledge up to date. Plus, get a jump-start on Spek creation with free, customizable content.

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Save time responding to repetitive questions

Stop writing answers from scratch when responding to repeat questions. Save hours answering repetitive questions by sharing Speks instead!

Easily create, use, and analyze microcontent with Speks

The more friction there is to accessing knowledge, the less likely your team is to use it. Speks reduce friction by ensuring knowledge and content is never more than a click away. Here’s how:

Embed bite-sized knowledge directly in your tools

Speks meet sales reps wherever they are, giving them instant access to the answers they need to stay productive. Install one extension - Chrome - and Speks automatically surface in any tool, in any workflow.

Search Speks in your Knowledge Base

Empower sales reps to self-service support with the sidebar. Powered by our browser extension, the sidebar lets you quickly search, access, and add new Speks to your Spekit knowledge base across any web-based application. The result: one-click access to current training and learning resources no matter where your employees are.

Quickly create and update Speks from anywhere

See a Spek that needs updating? Edit it from wherever you are. That’s right: content creation and management in the flow of work.

Organize Speks to create custom learning paths

Collect related Speks in a Topic and organize them sequentially to create clear, easy-to-follow learning paths. Doing an in-person training? Print your learning path as a PDF for instant course materials.

Spekit Web App showing a Topic titled "Sales Stages" with seven Speks.

Search, send, and create Speks in Slack

Spend less time answering repetitive questions by searching and sharing Speks directly in Slack. Get a question that you can’t answer with a Spek? Not for long! Create a new Spek directly from that message, so you only have to write an answer once — then simply send the new Spek when someone asks the same question in the future.

Search, favorite, and copy Speks…

Start enabling your team with access to instant answers and resources - from anywhere.

Enablement that works where your reps work


“Team members feel more confident in their work since they are no longer having to guess what the process and expectations are. A big cherry on top is that managers are spending far less time on a weekly basis answering questions which frees them up to focus on their true areas of value.”

Jessi Timmons


“Spekit has made my job easier on many levels. If I have a question or am missing some information, I click on the Spek and it guides me through the process of finding what I need. It saves so much time because I am able to easily find what I need without having to submit a ticket with SalesOps, contact Enablement, or reach out to my manager.”

Enterprise Account Executive


“Spekit is literally a game changer; it’s the difference between a map and Sat-Nav (i.e., a Map is only any good if you know where you are!). You are going to LOOOOVE it!”

Paul Guyer



Enablement reimagined for reps

One unified platform to centralize your sales content and make it universally accessible, searchable, and useful - from anywhere.

Share a link to your sales content and track performance

Turn knowledge into revenue and content into customers

  • Centralize sales & marketing collateral
  • Share content externally and track
  • Get real-time alerts on buyer engagement
  • Create, update, and add content in minutes
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Spekit Sidebar with BANT Discovery questions outlined in LinkedIn.

Ramp reps 50% faster, increase quota attainment, and accelerate pipeline

  • Onboard, train, and coach reps
  • Reinforce sales plays and playbooks
  • Share changes and updates in real-time
  • Assess knowledge retention instantly
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Stage 1 process documentation on a Salesforce picklist

Handhold reps through changes and updates to move and scale faster

  • Guide reps through tools and processes
  • Embed FAQs, process guidance, and support
  • Communicate in real-time with in-app alerts
  • Drive clarity, accountability, and confidence
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