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AI-powered enablement in the flow of work

Meet the enablement experience that sales reps adopt instantly, use constantly, and love deeply.
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Surface answers and content instantly, anywhere

Give sellers the gift of productivity by surfacing answers and resources directly in tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Clari, Outreach, and more so they can ramp quickly and sell confidently.

"Spekit makes it easy for my salespeople to have the information they need, when they need it, and right where they are."

Jessica Jones headshot

Jessica Jones

VP/GM Data Axle USA/Reseller & Talent

Automatically connect reps with deal-accelerating content, where they're selling

Enable sales reps to find, share, and track sales content with buyers effortlessly with Spekit AI.

"In a single week, we saw the engagement for a piece of content increase 10x with Spekit. Being able to both push out new content AND make it accessible wherever our sales reps work is an absolute game-changer."

Aaron Clark headshot

Aaron Clark

RevOps Enablement

higher rep quota attainment
increased deal save rate
less time communicating changes

Create, edit, and deliver new content in minutes

You spend so much time and effort creating training content; Spekit makes it easier and more impactful. Upload, edit, and iterate on content, training, and knowledge in seconds with the power of Spekit AI.

“Spekit has served as our one-stop-shop for all of our reps that have questions regarding our sales processes and best practices, which saves me time so I can focus on other priorities for the team.”

Kyle Eligio headshot

Kyle Eligio

Sales Development Rep

Ramp new sales reps 50% faster with self-guided onboarding

Welcome and support sales reps step-by-step as they navigate new tools and processes to reinforce knowledge and drive adoption.

"We condensed our onboarding and training time from two months down to three weeks with Spekit. It’s everything you need to be successful as a rep in one shop.”

Ben Brammer headshot

Ben Brammer

Revenue Enablement Manager

Stop answering the same questions over and over

No more digging or waiting for answers when your sellers need them. Spekit’s Slack integration allows your reps to find answers, share resources, and create knowledge without leaving Slack.

"As an enablement leader, we’re required to improve the user’s experience, reduce distractions and streamline workflows. Spekit does that. It eases navigation, reduces time to answers, and puts knowledge at their fingertips."

Julie Legeu headshot

Julie Legleu

Salesforce Trainer

Notify reps of changes and updates in real-time

Trigger in-app alerts to automate the reinforcement of processes and deliver time-sensitive updates to reps in real-time.

"Training today is no longer just sitting in a room or in front of a computer for an hour. Learning happens in the moment for users and that is where Spekit excels. We’ve been able to reduce ad hoc questions and provide valuable in-the-moment training for users without additional work.”

Kara Factor headshot

Kara Factor

Training Manager

CPQ and GDPR guidelines Knowledge Check open in the Spekit Chrome extension, on a Salesforce page.

Say goodbye to lengthy, time-consuming assessments

Quickly assess knowledge retention with short, in-app quizzes that pulse-check training effectiveness without disrupting productivity.

"Knowledge Checks are the perfect way to reinforce hands-on training rather than just passively sitting back and listening. This is especially powerful for onboarding in a remote-first world. We don’t want our teams to go to another application, and possibly get lost, just to take a brief assessment."

Kirsten Lennox headshot

Julie Legleu

Salesforce Trainer

Prove the value of your enablement programs

Use built-in analytics to monitor the engagement and effectiveness of training and content. Data visualizations help to quickly identify what's working and areas of opportunity.

“In other tools, dashboards throw a lot of data at you, but there’s no story to it. With Spekit’s dashboards, I get information I can act on to actually improve the organization and our use of Spekit.”

Jack Michael headshot

Jack Michel

Senior Salesforce Administrator

The Spekit Web App shows a View Activity graph, a Unique Views graph, a top viewed speks table, and a top viewers table.