Slack Integration

Access your entire knowledge base in Slack

Create a Slack Knowledge Base with Spekit. Search answers, share resources, create knowledge without ever leaving Slack.
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1. Search knowledge

Search the knowledge base to quickly reference processes, enablement resources, definitions, and more.

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2. Share knowledge

Share knowledge and answer questions directly within Slack by accessing your entire knowledge base with a single command.

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3. Create knowledge

You’re already answering questions in Slack. Turn those answers into new training and documentation that lives forever.

Never leave Slack to share answers and resources

Slack moves fast. Now, you can too. Answer questions in Slack in seconds with a simple /spekit command to boost productivity and get your time back.

Jackson asks for the latest objection handling document in Slack. Angela responds with a Slack link to Common Objections documentation.

Writing documentation is as easy as typing a response in Slack

Turn your one off Slack responses into knowledge that lives forever. Right-click any content in Slack to create documentation accessible automatically.

Get started in minutes

Chat with us to start build a knowledge base accessible within Slack in minutes! Setting up the integration is as easy as navigating to integrations and clicking the Slack button where you’ll be taken to our Slack listing for installation.

Jackson uses the /spekit command in Slack to search Spekit for "how to find prospects in LinkedIn". A Spek titled "Finding Prospects in the News: LinkedIn Sales Navigator" is shown.
Slack permissions screen showing that Spekit will be able to do once integrated with Slack.

Stop losing revenue due to poor sales execution

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