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Seismic Getting Started Template

Customize this training and surface it directly within Seismic to maximize the productivity of your sales reps.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started with Seismic

When logging into Seismic, remember…

The Seismic URL is your tenant ID or company name followed by

If your company uses Single Sign On (SSO), use your usual company credentials

If you don't have Single Sign On (SSO), you will be prompted to log in using your Seismic Username and Password

Your Password must have at least:

  • 8 characters
  • 1 upper case
  • 1 lower case
  • 1 special character

🔍 To learn more, search for "Update Personal Settings" in the Wiki

2. Update User Settings in Seismic

Update Personal Settings by:

1) Click your User Avatar

2) Click User Settings

3) Click the Personal Tab to modify or add to your personal information such as:

  • Uploading a photo of yourself
  • Adding a brief bio
  • Change your Content Profile based on role
  • Add links to your Social Media accounts

When finished, click Save

Update Connected Accounts by:

1) Starting from the User Settings page, click the Connected Accounts tab to allow content from your CRM

2) Hover over the right side of "Not Connected" and click the "link" icon to connect an account

Note: Contact your administrator if you don't have the correct permissions to connect an account

Change your Password by:

1) Click the Password tab to reset your password

✅ Best Practice: Do not reset your password if your company uses Single Sign On

Edit Notifications by:

1) Click the Notifications tab to set notifications to come through:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

2) Click the arrow to configure how often you receive notifications

3. Navigating the Home Page

The Home Page utilizes information blades or "sections" to allow you to quickly navigate to your key assets and information which includes:

Content Profiles:

Discover new and most viewed content and key assets based on your role and interests

News Channels:

Stay on top of new information that you've chosen to follow such as competitive intel, key industry updates, and product release info

Click "See All" to see all of the content available in NewsCenter


See recent activity and recommendations on next steps for your customers based on Seismic's Predictive Content engine

Note: Only possible if Seismic is integrated with CRM

LiveSend Activity:

Understand how your customers engage with the content you've shared via LiveSend to tailor future buyer engagements

Frequently Used:

Quickly access the content that you use the most

4. Top Content vs. New Content

Top Content: See what Seismic content has high LiveSend Engagement and popular internal usage

🔍 To learn more about Seismic's content engagement metrics, search for "LiveSend" in the Wiki

New Content: See recently published content

5. Using Seismic's Search Capabilities

Quickly find the content and assets you need by choosing to:

1) Browse content using the filters underneath the Search Bar

2) Drill down into folders in DocCenter or WorkSpace

3) Find Promoted content that has been boosted (ex. new product release info)

4) Search for people as assets based on their knowledge on a topic, functional expertise, or geographical area

🔍 To learn more, search for "Search Results" in the Wiki

6. Using Seismic's Search Filters

From the search results page, narrow down your search results by clicking on filters

To remove filters, click the "X" in the box remove it

Sort results by most relevant, latest update, or publish dates by clicking the "arrows icon" in the top right corner of the Search Results page

7. How to Navigate NewsCenter

NewsCenter organizes stories or content into channels to provide the newest, most relevant information you've chosen to follow such as:

  • Clients Details
  • Competitive Intel
  • Key Industry Updates
  • Product release info

Click the "All Stories" tab to see all of the most recently published content available in NewsCenter

Click the "My Channels" tab to find the content you've subscribed to

Click the "Other Channels" tab to subscribe to other channels

To subscribe, hover over the image for channel that you want to subscribe and Click "Add"

8. Concentrix Catalyst & Digital Selling

To learn more, visit selling