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ZoomInfo Getting Started with Reach Out

Customize this training to give your sales team the help they need directly in ZoomInfo Reach Out - or any tool they're working in.

Table of Contents

1. Download ReachOut Extension

ReachOut powered by ZoomInfo will allow you to get Contact & Company Info and access actionable data on any site.

Download HERE

2. Getting Started in ReachOut - Signing in

1. To begin using ReachOut, click on the ReachOut logo in your toolbar.

2. Enter your credentials when prompted

NOTE: Feel free to use your Google or Office365 credentials to login here as well.

3. You are now ready to begin using ReachOut!

3. Finding Contact Data from LinkedIn using ReachOut

1. Go to LinkedIn and navigate to any profile. Then click the ZoomInfo logo in your toolbar.

2. ReachOut will then display the person’s profile picture with masked contact information.

3. Clicking Direct, HQ, Mobile, Business, or Supplemental will reveal all the contact information ZoomInfo has available for that contact.

Along with displaying the information in ReachOut, you can export the information as a CSV or to the below tools.

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Outreach
  • Salesloft
  • Zoho
  • Email

4. Person Details (Company Information)

ReachOut provides information about the company where your contacts work. At a glance, you can view company size, revenue, industry, and a brief description.

5. Getting Company Information using ReachOut

In addition to viewing contacts on Linkedin, you can also use ReachOut to view information about companies while browsing their website. To do this, simply visit a website and click the ZoomInfo logo in your toolbar.

  1. If you would like to view Contacts At the Company simply click on "Contacts At Company".
  2. From here you can further filter down these contacts based on Department or Management Level at the specific company.

3. Once you've chosen to filter by Department or Management Level you can find contact information for specific contacts by clicking the down carrot next to the specific contact you want more information about (Red) OR

4. You can select contact(s) to export to Salesforce or the other tools mentioned before (Green).

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