Sales tool & process adoption

Guide sales reps through new processes and tools

Welcome and support sales reps step-by-step as they navigate new tools and processes to reinforce knowledge and drive adoption.

Drive behaviors - not clicks

Spekit empowers sales reps to learn and apply knowledge in their flow of work to drive clarity, accountability, and confidence.

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Handhold reps through new tools and processes with step-by-step guidance and in-app support.

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Embed FAQs, process guidance, and support in Salesforce, CPQ, or any tool your team is using.

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Communicate crucial changes, updates, and announcements in real-time with in-app alerts

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Analyze, iterate, and improve with intelligent analytics on behavior and engagement.

Handhold reps as they navigate new tools and processes

Onboard employees step-by-step as they’re using a tool or completing a process for the first time with in-app guidance that supports your reps from day one to closed won.

Reduce resistance to change with embedded support

With Spekit, training doesn’t have an end date. Sales reps can confidently embrace changes, knowing that whenever a question comes up, the answer is only a click or a hover away.

Notify reps of changes and updates in real-time

Trigger in-app alerts to automate the reinforcement of processes and deliver time-sensitive updates to reps in real-time.

One-click Salesforce integration streamlines adoption and set up

The only Salesforce adoption and enablement platform with a one-click integration to automatically embed content and sync changes.

Ditch the old-school approach to digital adoption

Traditional DAPs focus on driving clicks, not knowledge retention. Spekit supports employees from their first day to their last by making your knowledge, FAQs, process guidance, and more always accessible at their fingertips.
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DAPs don't align with how we learn

People don’t like being pushed to click through a process. It’s disruptive and doesn't align with how we actually learn and retain information.

DAPs don’t provide the “why”

Without context, serving a walkthrough at an arbitrary point in time is delivering information that is doomed to be forgotten.

DAPs don’t enable your employees

When it's time for your team to apply the new information, a DAP doesn’t know to resurface the information when it’s needed.

Learning at work is broken.
Just-in-time learning is the answer.

Just-in-time learning helps employees become exponentially better every day with contextual, bite-size knowledge, delivered where and when they need it.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about just-in-time learning, including how learning and development leaders from organizations like Slack and Snowflake use it as a key asset in their toolboxes.

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Modernize digital adoption for your sales organization.

Go beyond just showing reps where to click. Spekit helps them actually learn, retain, and apply knowledge to their day-to-day work, making adoption faster and your reps more successful.

Create content from anywhere
Easily communicate updates
Embed training into any app
Assess knowledge retention
Create step-by-step walkthroughs in seconds
Track engagement with analytics and feedback
Search for answers without leaving the app you’re in
Get ROI quickly with out-of-the-box content

Tool implementation

Surface content intelligently into any workflow or tool. With Spekit, you can introduce your sales reps to new tools, communicate updates where they're selling, and share content in real-time.

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Change management

Change is constant. Spekit reduces the friction to adopting change, learning new processes, or finding critical information by delivering bite-sized training directly into the apps your team is working in — like Salesforce, Slack, and more.

Onboarding & everboarding

Cut your onboarding time in half by delivering the knowledge reps need to be successful without disrupting productivity. Easily reinforce best practices, sales plays, and more to help reps hit quota faster.

Spekit saves time and boosts efficiency with in-app enablement

“With the help of Spekit, questions never go unanswered. Spekit has significantly reduced the time that employees spend searching for content.”

Gloria Ramchandani


“Spekit has been a great asset for our teams and us during what has been a time of immense change. The tool has helped us manage that change, but also empowers our people and gives them relevant timely information where and when they need it.”

Libby Magliolo


“You’d be hard-pressed to find a solution that does 10% of what Spekit does at 10x the cost. Having a mini sales coach ever-present across all your different software platforms is priceless.”

Sam Choi