Tool Implementation

Streamline your software rollout from launch to adoption

Change doesn’t have to be disruptive. Spekit simplifies tool implementation by reinforcing new processes, training, and best practices directly within the tool you’re rolling out.
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Successful tool implementation requires reinforcement

Rolling out a new tool can be daunting. Companies invest enormous sums of time, money, and energy into implementing new software solutions, yet a shocking 70% of all digital transformation projects fail. The problem? So much focus is put on the launch and so little on how to train, reinforce, and communicate change after the initial rollout.

With Spekit, crucial training, best practices, and documentation is reinforced directly within the new tool you’re rolling out. Give every employee access to the knowledge and resources they need to successfully adopt new technology and processes, when and where they need it.

Software rollouts are simplified with Spekit:

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Create and organize new tool training in minutes

Easily document new processes and tool training in Spekit. Add videos, images, links, and more to create engaging content.

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Surface key processes and resources in-app

Create once, and knowledge is automatically embedded in-app or searchable from any workflow in Chrome or Slack.

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Notify your team of changes in real-time

Introduce employees to best practices, guide them through key processes, and surface critical training resources.

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Analyze and assess to identify gaps

Communicate new resources, tool updates, and changes in real-time with in-app alerts.

Drive new tool adoption with key processes and knowledge surfaced in-app

Automatically surface FAQs, process guidance, best practices, and playbooks directly within the new tool you’re rolling out. With Spekit, your tool training is completely customizable and always accessible to handhold employees every step of the way.

  • Surface customized training beside defined terms in HubSpot, picklist values in Salesforce, fields in Outreach, and more.
  • Include videos, embedded files, images, and more to maximize engagement.

“Spekit is key for Salesforce adoption and effortless to set up. All of our go-live documentation for Service Cloud was defined and completed in about 10 hours — an effort that would have taken more than a week before Spekit.”

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Bryan Miller

Reduce repetitive questions and eliminate lengthy training sessions

With Spekit, employees learn how to navigate new tools and processes directly without ever leaving their flow of work. Say goodbye to context-switching and give your employees their time back.

  • Trigger in-app alerts to surface when an employee logs into a tool or completes a process for the first time.
  • Guide them through introductory training, common FAQs, and more without ever taking them out of their workflow.

“Spekit reduced the rollout period for new tools, processes, and changes. Therefore, we were able to decrease the time to close and increase revenue.”

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Keegan Otter

Maximize the value of your tech investments

What if every employee was an expert on each of your tools? How much more productive, effective, and efficient could they be? Unleash the power of your tech investments with Spekit by reducing the gap between having questions and getting answers.

“Spekit helps each individual further their own path to mastery with all-in-one enablement, adoption, and change management solution. It helps them learn and retain knowledge and makes them better at what they do, which is creating growth for themselves and our clients.”

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Keith Titus

Assess retention and identify gaps asynchronously

Missing some tool training? Are employees getting stuck in a new process? Don’t wait for your next meeting to find out. Surface short, multiple-choice quizzes directly within the new tool you’ve rolled out to identify knowledge or content gaps quickly.

  • Hold employees accountable for learning how to use the new tool correctly.
  • Improve training content without disrupting employee productivity.

“It is not fun creating word docs- Someone might edit it by mistake or not have access to it. With Spekit, creating content is super intuitive. You can embed quizzes and videos to teach people, but you can also entertain them with gifs and stuff to have fun with it.”

Aaron Clark headshot

Aaron Clark

less time communicating new initiatives
reduction in repetitive questions
reduction in training time

Transform stagnant PDF training into agile, flexible, accessible microlearning

Don’t rollout a tool and send your employees off with a 60-page PDF doc that quickly turns stale the moment a process changes. Spekit converts your training into flexible, bite-sized content cards that can be updated in minutes and surfaced wherever your team works.

  • Creating and editing training content is as easy as writing an email.
  • Notify employees of changes in real-time to drive alignment.

"Self-sufficiency is critical during these times, and Spekit’s team of experts helped us structure and embed new product playbooks within Salesforce, surfacing relevant sales content at our team’s fingertips and empowering them to get answers on their own instantly.”

Logan Thomeczek

Know exactly who is engaging with what training content and identify any gaps

Analyze tool training content engagement by search terms, view data, and more. Understand what process guidance or FAQs employees find helpful and where gaps exist.

"Knowledge Checks are the perfect way to reinforce hands-on training rather than just passively sitting back and listening. This is especially powerful for onboarding in a remote-first world. We don’t want our teams to go to another application, and possibly get lost, just to take a brief assessment."

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Kirsten Lennox

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