Accelerating Time to Value and Revenue Through Just-in-Time Learning

July 27, 2023
11:00 am
Tune in to hear Spekit's CEO, Melanie Fellay, lead a discussion on how just-in-time learning is the key to accelerating revenue growth.
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Christina Brady
Christina Brady
SVP of Sales
Lisa Giusto
Lisa Giusto
Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement

Your sales team is spending a mind-boggling 3–11 hours (or more) per week searching for answers. This session will uncover how just-in-time learning can help you give your sellers the information they need faster and more efficiently, increasing productivity and helping them to be more effective.

We will dive into how this dynamic approach to learning can empower your teams to gain the right skills, knowledge, and information precisely when they need it, ultimately leading to accelerated time to value and revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is just-in-time learning as it relates to how we train employees
  • How JITL can be the key to maximizing your investments in people, process, or technology
  • Explore tools and technologies that support the delivery of real-time, personalized learning experience