Build Your Customer Success and Support Processes in Spekit: Runbooks, Plays, Renewals, and More

July 26, 2023
9:30 am
Join our CEO, Melanie Fellay, on July 26th to learn how to build your customer success and support processes in Spekit.
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Documenting your CS and support knowledge and processes is meant to help your employees respond to customer needs quickly. Yet despite best efforts, many teams still struggle because traditional documentation and enablement resources are difficult to find and maintain.

To be truly effective, documentation needs to be easy to create and update — and it has to be available wherever your employees are.

In this webinar, we’ll show how you can build your CS and support processes in Spekit so you can easily create and maintain guidance that’s embedded in the flow of work.What we'll cover:

  • What most CS and support processes look like today
  • How to build out modern CS and support processes in Spekit from start to finish