How OwnBackup drove adoption of a new sales methodology and scaled their enablement

September 23, 2021
12:00 pm
Join Shira Osdoba and Mel Fellay for a 30-minute chat to learn how OwnBackup drove adoption of their sales methodology and scaled enablement.
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Over the course of a year, OwnBackup scaled from less than 300 employees to 530, closed a $240 million Series E and acquired the Salesforce security and governance platform, RevCult!

As you can imagine, change was constant and they were onboarding up to 30 new sales professionals per month. To support all of this growth, they knew it was time to embrace a new sales methodology. But, the process of selecting, rolling out and more importantly, driving adoption of a new methodology, can be incredibly challenging.

In this episode of Sauces, we’re joined by Shira Osdoba, the Sales Enablement Content Manager at OwnBackup and training extraordinaire to learn how Shira’s team underwent the massive implementation of a new sales methodology and the secrets to:

  • Selecting a sales methodology that aligns with your company goals and (more importantly) sales style
  • Implementing and driving adoption of a new sales methodology (from initial onboarding to communicating micro-changes in real-time)
  • How to reduce onboarding time with in-app reinforcement of processes, how-to’s and more
  • Processes and tools to scale their enablement efforts to support their growing teams

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