How to Build a Winning Enablement Strategy

July 20, 2021
11:00 am
Want to build a winning enablement strategy? Seismic Founder Ed Calnan and Spekit CEO Melanie Fellay discuss the latest enablement trends.
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Building a winning enablement strategy requires more than just rock-star sales reps and a powerful content management system. To truly achieve your enablement goals and boost your sales team’s productivity, you need the power of a CMS combined with a digital enablement platform that houses sales content and training materials directly where reps work.Join us for this interactive discussion with Melanie Fellay, CEO and Co-founder of Spekit, and Ed Calnan, Chief Revenue Officer and founder of Seismic, as they discuss the necessary steps to build a winning enablement strategy.Join now to learn:

  • The latest trends in enablement and how to modernize your enablement strategy
  • How the learning landscape is changing, and what’s next for the future of enablement technology
  • Why you should take a holistic approach to enablement by combining the value of a CMS and a digital enablement solution