How To Do More with Less: Maximizing the value of your people and your tools

January 30, 2024
11:00 am
Learn the challenges Data Axle’s team faced prior to using just-in-time learning.
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The environment we know today is chaotic. Leaders are faced with the challenge of helping their teams find information about the medley of technologies, processes, and resources that exist, when they need it most.

What would it look like if you knew your teams had the right knowledge to adopt technology, adhere to processes, and excel in their roles? How would the right knowledge when and where teams need it impact productivity and your teams’ success?

Join us on January 30th at 11:00 AM MST for a Spekit Webinar with Larkin Dahal, VP of Customer Success at Spekit, and Jessica Jones VP & GM at Data Axle, USA to learn the challenges Data Axle’s team faced prior to using just-in-time learning, the goals they wanted to reach upon implementation, and how they continue to expand to other teams today in order to drive productivity for not only their sellers, but managers too. 

Tune in to learn how Data Axle uses Spekit to:

  • Do more with less as it relates to technology and processes
  • Allow their sellers to spend more time selling
  • Provide increased time & opportunity for true coaching and development for their managers
  • Jessica’s reasoning for how Spekit can be replicable across different organizations