Leader Enablement: Creating a culture of “building the bench” with Alex Zikakis from Sales Assembly

February 22, 2022
12:00 pm
Join Alex Zikakis and Laura Wheeler for a 30-minute chat to learn the role of enablement in leadership development and how you can start today.
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As any org experiences growth, the demand for frontline, middle and top-level management also grows. But, how often are organizations proactively thinking through manager development from an enablement perspective? What is the role of enablement in developing your next generation of leaders? How can you anticipate and groom reps and other employees for the next level? You’ve got questions, we have answers.

Enablement all-stars, Alex Zikakis and Laura Wheeler have both experienced creating programs that help employees at every stage of their career prepare for and grow into leadership roles. They describe the process as “creating a culture of building the bench.” And, they’re going to break down their best practices for enabling:

⭐️ Emerging leaders - ICs who are considering or being called up to leadership roles ⭐️ New to the Organization leaders - those who have led but never at your company ⭐️ VP+ leaders - enabling the leaders of leaders and how to continuously equip and develop our top-level management teams.