Operationalizing Enablement: The keys to scaling during hyper-growth with Nikki Schanzer from Hopin

October 28, 2021
11:00 am
Join Nikki Schanzer and Mel Fellay for a 30-minute chat to learn why operationalizing enablement is the key to scaling during hypergrowth.
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Hopin, the London-based virtual event platform, has experienced explosive growth, scaling from just six employees in early 2020 to more than 900 today. During this time, they acquired five companies and raised two rounds of funding for a total of $571.5 million!

With all of the excitement that comes with hypergrowth, rapidly onboarding new employees creates significant challenges for enablement. How do we reduce ramp time? Streamline onboarding? Introduce new products and features? Structure our enablement team? And, the list goes on!

Nikki Schanzer is no stranger to these challenges. After leading Revenue Enablement at Dropbox, she joined Hopin as the Head of Sales & GTM Enablement. Join Nikki and Spekit CEO, Melanie Fellay for an episode of Spekit Sauces where we uncover:

  • How to operationalize your enablement for scale
  • How to identify and ruthlessly prioritize your key initiatives
  • How to build your enablement foundation: from people to processes
  • How to have a lot of fun along the way!