3 Sales Enablement Tools Your Team Can’t Live Without

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Becoming a successful B2B salesperson in the digital era requires (among other intangible qualities) deep domain expertise, awesome people skills, and access to innovative sales enablement tools . It goes without saying that a robust CRM suite and an easy-to-use online meetings service are essential selling applications. These are especially useful for remote teams who can’t visit their accounts when travel is restricted.

Whether you or your company chose your CRM and virtual meetings platforms, imagine if you could get more out of these platforms by:

  • Streamlining outbound sales follow-up and prospecting, recruiting, and enhancing responsiveness to inbound leads.
  • Accelerating sales rep onboarding and improving your team’s understanding of common sales enablement software and messaging tools.
  • Recording online meetings, and enabling managers, sales coaches, and team leads to mentor sales professionals on how to conduct more effective sales presentations.

Do these scenarios align with your priorities? Have you scoured the sales software universe for tools to make your sales team more effective at finding leads, qualifying opportunities , and closing deals?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, take a look at these three sales enablement companies and the outcomes and examples of sales enablement tools they provide to empower your sales team.

1. Outreach.io for outreach and prospecting

The most successful sales, account development, and business development professionals are often those that can best manage:

  • The firehose of product, service, and tactical information resources that is pointed their way
  • The accounts in their territory
  • Making management aware of all of the calls, emails, and meetings in their day which are required to make quota and other selling KPIs.

Outreach.io sales enablement software makes managing all of these requirements easier and it helps sales recruiters target and engage with professional sales candidates, too. This prospecting tool was developed by professional sales or business development experts to integrate other sales software products, making it easy for sales reps to follow the entire customer journey regardless of account type, location, size, or need.

Outreach can also act as an extension of your CRM, with tools designed to capture prospecting activities, personalize digital account campaign messaging, or protect account or record ownership. Its ability to enhance user profiles, permissions, privacy and data security makes it a must-have, all-in-one solution for sales enablement.

2. Spekit for onboarding and user training

Sales enablement tools enable users to access industry-specific training instructions such as learning new CRMs, sales tools, battle cards and competitor information. Your onboarding resources should include context-aligned training content that can be easily accessed from an application itself.

If you’re onboarding new sales reps (whether remote or onsite) to a CRM like Salesforce and finding yourself overwhelmed at communicating upgrades or system changes, then you’re not alone. Training of any kind deserves contextual information such as screenshots and walkthroughs to reinforce learning. Generic dummy data and user examples just don't generate retention.

But what if those examples used your actual customer or company data in the custom fields. What if the onboarding tools were located and searchable directly within the application your sales reps use? Spekit’s sales enablement platform makes this possible, as a digital learning companion that provides onboarding and sales enablement tools directly where the user works.

Let’s assume you’re a Salesforce user but often work within complementary applications like Slack, Microsoft Outlook, or others within the Google Chrome browser. Spekit users can stay productive in their Slack channel or email thread while searching how to input fields in Salesforce. Even better, this is all possible when using popular enablement tools that can lead to closing deals and boosting sales faster.

Learning doesn’t stop after onboarding, so why should your sales enablement training software? Take a look at how Spekit can take your sales reps from novice to master, faster .

3. Chorus.ai  for sales meeting capture and quality analytics

Over the past year or so, remote selling on platforms like Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet has become the standard for group presentations or one-to-one meetings. Most of these applications enable users and administrators to capture and record meetings, yet they don’t offer many insights as to the quality of the conversation.

Usually, salespeople and their managers rewatch these online meetings and form opinions on how a conversation, presentation, or demonstration went. Yet there are a few apps which can process the sales discovery conversation or presentation, and generate a transcript of what was discussed. The applications then identify strengths and weaknesses in the sales conversation, and any clues which prospects or customers offer about where they are in the buying lifecycle.

Chorus.ai is a sales enablement tool that transcribes online meetings and processes key performance indicators about the call, including:

  • How long each participant spoke in the meeting relative to listening time.
  • Communication quality metrics, such as the number of filler words (such as like, um, ah and the usual suspects).
  • Mentions of keywords, such as competitor mentions, feature requests, questioning techniques, and the like.

The best sales enablement apps have role-based functionality. Sales enablement professionals , customer success managers and senior executives have different priorities in the conversations they listen to and KPIs they review. Managers and coaches can provide feedback on the meetings and share perspectives on how to move sales opportunities along the pipeline.

Leveraging the power of AI, Chorus learns about your business, your competitors, and your clients, and applies it to assessments of your sales team’s interactions with prospects and customers. It recognizes dialogue patterns and keywords in conversations which can be helpful in “post mortem” evaluation conversations and mentoring sessions.

Lots of preparation, research, and effort goes into sales meetings and interactions. Chorus is a sales enablement platform that captures conversations then evaluates them relative to a rep’s own historical performance as well as their teammates. By integrating the conversational assessment tool with leading meeting and CRM platforms like Salesforce, companies can help their sales reps learn what they are doing well and where they need to improve.

Future-proof sales enablement applications

Sales enablement tools need to be nimble, scalable and robust, while offering value and functionality to work smoothly with a vast ecosystem of complementary application. SaaS and sales enablement software providers like Outreach, Spekit, and Chorus succeed because of their strategic value-add to major platforms like Salesforce and integrations with other leading sales enablement companies. To see how Spekit can help you deliver dynamic learning content accessible from a variety of applications when it is needed, directly from your users’ preferred devices, chat with us for a live demo today.

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