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Did you know that up to 40% of your time might be lost to switching costs? Yep, that's 16 hours of productivity each week. Switching costs refer to the time it takes to switch from one task to another or to dive "back in" to your work as a result of multitasking in rapid sequence. Some examples of day-to-day interruptions that result in switching costs include:

  • A Sales Rep on a call having to search your pricing page for latest pricing updates
  • Your new employee pinging you on slack because they forgot how to create a lead
  • Your engineer sending you a slack message because she needs the SFDC API field names for an integration she's working on
  • A data analyst tapping you on the shoulder to help him find the right data to pull for his report

These switching costs and inefficiencies in employee training and productivity hamper a Salesforce admin's ability to efficiently manage Salesforce. Such problems are what inspired our latest Salesforce data dictionary features: Knowledge Cards and Rich Text.

When would I create a knowledge card?

From complex business jargon to your lead creation process and pricing plan, you can document anything. The best part is that using our Chrome Extension, your knowledge cards can be pulled up within seconds in our browser sidebar search to provide easy access for Sales Reps or end-users. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Lead Creation Process: Document any process with steps and images so that your new employees help themselves if they get lost.
  • IT Support: Reduce cases by making it easier than ever for your employees to troubleshoot their problems.
  • File Shortcut: Is there a template your team uses over and over again? Make it easier than ever for them to access it.
  • Spekit vs Walk Me: Create a quick reference for your sales team on why you're the easy choice if a "competitor" is brought up on a call.
  • Product Features: Copy/Paste your top selling points for any product or service
  • Pricing Plan: Create a card that's easily accessible on any call for our Sales Rep

How do I create a knowledge card?

Data Wiki cards can be added by any Spekit Admins or Data Expert in the data wiki in two easy steps:

  1. Use the drop-down menu to add a new card 
  2. Add your details:
  3. Use the search bar or navigation tab to find all your knowledge cards easily

It's time to bring your documentation to life, folks.

Getting your employees up to speed through onboarding and training requires a lot of time and effort, up to $4000 per employee. One way to reduce this onboarding time is by creating step-by-steps or recording walkthroughs of your processes. Use Rich Text to embed images, videos and more to make your documentation stand out.

The best part? Using our in-screen Chrome Extension the end-user can access all of this info directly in Salesforce.

That's all folks. Request a demo of Spekit today and check back soon for new features.

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