Introducing: The Enablement Experience, Reimagined for the Rep

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We live in a just-in-time world. 

Technology has forever changed the way we live. Our day-to-day lives are faster, smarter, and more connected than ever.

We’ve come to expect instant gratification and personalized, intuitive experiences, whether we’re finding new music on Spotify or ordering an Uber. Nothing is more than a click away.

That is until we enter the workplace. Here, it’s entirely normal for a day to play out like this:  

You receive an email from a prospect requesting more product info. You start sifting through folders in Google Drive before realizing what you need is in Confluence, where you can’t find it, so you turn to Slack. Here, you message a coworker who points you to the CMS where the case study isn’t pulling up based on any of your search terms. Finally, you use the old case study you saved on your desktop six months ago and before you know it, the day is over. Instead of selling, you’ve spent most of your time, switching from one tab to the next, endlessly searching for information across 10+ different systems that each cost $15 a month.

If you’re reading this and thinking… yup, that’s us. You’re far from alone.

The global sales enablement platform market is valued at $4 billion, yet sales reps and enablement leaders regularly approached us hoping we could help them solve these challenges with their sales content management systems. 

We knew there had to be a better way, so we set out to find it. 

Over the last 12 months, we’ve interviewed hundreds of reps, marketers, and enablement leaders.

What was happening? Why did these systems (and, the content they housed) suffer from such poor adoption?

We watched as sales reps navigated their day-to-day workflows and felt the pain as they sifted through content libraries, digging for the right resource and, often, giving up before finding it. 

Then, we did it all over again with sales enablement managers, leaders, and content creators. 

The pain points were clear:

  • Heavy admin = slow time to value: Complex integrations, content categorization, and design work are impossible to manage for lean enablement and marketing teams.
  • Not designed around the rep = low adoption: Built as out-of-context repositories with poor searchability and slow load times. Reps hate digging for content.
  • Too expensive with tons of unused bells and whistles: An estimated 70%+ of CMS capabilities are never adopted by reps, yet these extra features are used to justify one of the highest-priced tools in your tech stack. 

At the end of the day, the real needs of those we interviewed were simple: 

  • Reps just wanted sales content to be easy to find and share
  • Enablement & marketing wanted content to be used + easy to manage and measure

This presented an opportunity to simplify. We’re not unique in trying to solve this. But, the approach we’re taking is. 

Call it “second mover advantage,” but it became clear that solutions on the market responded to this problem by beefing up their CMS or LMS platforms: more features, more tagging, and sub-folder after sub-folder. 

We believe the future of enablement doesn’t involve “more” capabilities, more content or more resources. Instead, the future of enablement is smarter, simpler, and designed for the rep.

Sales reps won’t have to think about where to go, what to search, or which resource will be the most valuable for this particular prospect. 

Enablement teams won’t have to spend their lives manually tagging, categorizing, and managing content. 

The right content will appear at the right time, instantly and effortlessly. 

Today, we’re launching a suite of features taking us one step closer to that vision.

Introducing: The next-generation sales content experience - designed by reps, for reps:

  1. Sales content, one-click away: Centralize your sales content in Spekit. Upload PDFs, PPTs, and one-sheets and watch as they’re instantly accessible wherever sales reps are working. No more sending reps to leave what they’re doing to dig through a CMS.
  1. Content sharing & tracking with SmartSend: Send, share, and track content performance and engagement. Get real-time alerts as buyers engage with your content - without leaving your workflow.
  1. Aggregated insights: Enablement leaders can instantly analyze content engagement and performance to measure and improve. No more guessing what works and who’s using it. 

And, we’re just getting started.

Built on a foundation of AI, with Spekit, your content is getting smarter by the day. We're building a future that eliminates the need for tagging, digging, manually organizing. One that's intelligent enough to automatically recommend:

  • The perfect case study based on the opportunity deal stage and industry in Salesforce 
  • The most relevant business case deck based on a question your rep is answering in Gmail 
  • Or, that deal-accelerating one-sheet based on the persona your rep is prospecting on LinkedIn

This functionality, seamlessly integrated within our existing real-time enablement platform, removes the barrier between questions and answers. Simply put, sales reps can spend more time selling, and enablement teams can spend more time enabling. 

Take the Product Tour or chat with a member of our team today to see it all in action!

About the author

Melanie Fellay
CEO & Co-founder
Mel is a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, a Top 100 Female Entrepreneur to Watch, and has been featured across Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and more.
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