JBarrows Sales Training and Spekit Partner to Deliver Sales Enablement Tips and Coaching Directly Within Your Applications

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“Reinforcement is the key to retention”

Training isn’t just somewhere you go. It’s something that needs to be continually reinforced every step of the way. Why? Because reinforcement is the key to retention.

When we absorb new information, for example, your last sales coaching course, all of that information from the course was stored in your short-term memory. When that information isn’t reinforced and processed in our working memory, it’s discarded to make room for new concepts and ideas.

In fact, the research shows that employees will forget an average of 90% of what they’ve learned within the first month!

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When we met with John Barrows who founded JBarrows Sales Training, this concept of losing valuable information through our short-term memory was nothing new to him. He offers individual and group online training, as well as in-person and remote training, for growing sales orgs who want to learn how to boost their productivity and drive more revenue.

“The biggest piece that’s been missing for us is reinforcement after our classes are over,” said John. “Everyone is energized after the course and can’t wait to take what they’ve learned and implement it. But, what happens when you get back into your day-to-day workflow? You struggle to recall the concepts. You’re on a sales call and remember you had training on objection handling or selling the value but don’t have the information on hand and struggle to recollect.”

“That’s why I was so excited to hear about Spekit’s solution. Now, through our partnership, all of that valuable information a rep has learned through our course becomes accessible and reinforced as the reps are prospecting, making their calls and closing deals. It’s able to move from short-term memory to long-term memory because it’s available and accessible directly within their day-to-day workflow,” said John.

Spekit allows sales teams to create, embed and surface training directly within Salesforce and any of the tools your team uses. Sales enablement and operations teams use the platform to deliver training contextually, wherever their team has questions and communicate changes in real-time on process updates, new training available and more.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the John Barrows team to offer their game-changing sales training in a bite-sized, contextual format via Spekit,” said Mel Fellay, CEO & Cofounder of Spekit. “Sales teams are realizing that training needs to become a habit. To ensure employees are actually absorbing knowledge, you need to make that information available in multiple formats and surface training in the exact moment a question arises. As we pursue the goal of driving sales efficiency by placing answers at the fingertips of sales teams, we could not ask for a better partner to join us in fulfilling this mission.”

As part of this partnership, JBarrows Sales Training is offering tips from one of their most popular courses, Filling the Sales Funnel, completely free. Anyone can access the light version of the course by signing up for a free Spekit account and selecting the Filling the Sales Funnel training during signup.

You can then customize this training to meet your unique sales processes or goals and install the Spekit Chrome Extension, allowing your team to access it anywhere.

Imagine, your team can access discovery questions directly within Salesforce while prospecting, read persona training in LinkedIn before reaching out or access nurture sequence guidance directly within Outreach as they’re building sequences.

Enable your team to be productive from anywhere they work, directly within their workflow and use the leading sales experts coaching materials to do it!

Ready to get started? Access the JBarrows Sales Training Filling the Sales Funnel tips for free today by signing up at spekit.co.

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