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Elle Brayton
November 20, 2023
September 28, 2020

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Every single day, we’re inundated with the equivalent of more than 34 Gb (gigabytes) of information. That’s enough to overload a laptop in a single week!

At work, this information comes pouring in through dozens of different channels: Slack, Zoom,  email, Salesforce and the list goes on.

With so much information being spewed at us, it’s no wonder announcements get ignored, training is forgotten, changes slip through the cracks and crucial knowledge isn’t retained.

That’s why we’ve launched Spotlights.

With Spotlights, you can push crucial training, announcements, resources and updates to your team in real-time, wherever they’re working.

You can use Spotlights to:

  • Onboard employees: Share getting started guides, best practice videos or training resources when new hires use a tool or start a process for the first time.
  • Drive change management: Drive adoption of new workflows or policy updates and eliminate confusion with an agile solution for rolling out changes faster than ever.
  • Communicate updates: Keep your team updated on the latest enablement and training resources.
  • Push announcements: Notify your team when systems are down, remind them to take a security review, send a nudge to complete performance feedback and more.

Spotlights for onboarding

For example, let’s say you just hired new SDRs and want to ensure they read guidelines before creating their first email sequence in Outreach.

You can create a Spotlight to automatically appear when they click on sequences in Outreach.

You can link this Spotlight to videos, resources, content in Spekit, even a different URL – anywhere that will ensure they get the knowledge they need, when and where they need it.

Spotlights for communicating updates

Or, if your Salesforce processes are always evolving like ours, you might use Spotlights to notify your team of the new process as they’re completing that step.

For example, let’s say you’ve just modified the opportunity stage qualification criteria. When your team is on the opportunity, you can send a Spotlight to ensure they read the new criteria before continuing.

Spotlights for driving change management

Maybe you’ve just rolled out new objection handling tips for your sales team that they need to review before prospecting in LinkedIn? Not a problem!

Create a Spotlight to automatically appear when they login to LinkedIn with the link to your new objection handling tips!

Where training fails, Spotlights succeed

Push a general company announcement when employees access their email, link out to a new spreadsheet when reps are creating quotes for prospects, and the list goes on!

Whatever you need your team to know – you can communicate it to them when and where they need it with Spotlights!

Ready to create your first Spotlight? Chat with us to get started!

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Elle Brayton
Director, Content & Communications
Elle is a boy momma 2x, brand builder, storyteller, growth hacker, and marketing leader with 12+ years of experience scaling SaaS B2B organizations.
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