The Spekit Team Welcomes Salesforce MVP, Jeff May!

Melanie Fellay
November 20, 2023
February 14, 2020

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“My career has focused on 2 themes: using technology to solve real-world problems and finding ways to be a force multiplier. When I first met Spekit, I realized their product matches both. – Jeff May

As a Salesforce admin, there are few things more frustrating than seeing these red words appear when you hit save on an elaborate solution you’ve just designed:

We’ve all been there.

If the message is clear or it’s a simple syntax error (which it rarely is) you can start manipulating things a bit until you finally find that comma or parentheses that’s holding up the whole thing.

But alas, it’s not always that easy. Luckily, I learned pretty early in my admin life that I wasn’t alone in my misery. In fact, there’s a community of thousands of other Salesforce aficionados that are in my same shoes and odds are, someone has faced a similar problem in the past.

Off to my favorite anxiety-reducing place I went: the Salesforce success community.

The success community has thousands of questions, answers and fellow Trailblazers eager to help.

Now, if you’ve spent any amount of time searching for an answer on the community these two names should sound veryfamiliar to you: Steve Mo and Jeff May . Why? Because they’re basically Salesforce walking-encyclopedias.

Don’t believe me, believe the numbers – they have a combined 100,000+ answers and 10,000+ best answers on the community. Yup. They have answered over 100,000 individual questions. As for myself, I don’t think I’ve done anything 100,000 times yet – besides taking breaths.

Therefore, this face should look very familiar to you:

Yup. Probably every other time you came across an answer:

“Wow, he has shared a lot of knowledge” is correct. In fact, Ryan on my team summarized it best:

Dreamforce 2018: where it all began

That’s why, when Jeff passed by our booth at Dreamforce 2018 I gasped. I wasn’t star-struck, per se, but I immediately recognized him.

“You’re real!!”

Yes, he was indeed, very humbly so. I shared with Jeff how many late nights and long hours he had saved me over my two year period turning around a failed implementation of Salesforce and managing a rapidly growing org.

I had a million questions for him – and after kindly sticking around to allow me to give him a 5-minute demo of Spekit, he had a million more for me.

….and that was just the start.

Fast forward a few months, I introduced him to Zari (my cofounder and head of Technology at Spekit) and they met for coffee which turned into a huge Spekit brainstorm.

“Mel – this guy is the real deal. He knows EVERYTHING about Salesforce”.

And just like that, those brainstorming sessions started happening on a much more regular basis.

Today, I’m so excited to share that Jeff is adding expertise to our engineering team full-time to lead Salesforce platform innovation. Jeff will leverage his 25+ years of development and experience to deepen our Salesforce integration and join us on our mission to simplify technology adoption and change management for all organizations.

“My career has focused on 2 themes: using technology to solve real-world problems and finding ways to be a force multiplier,” said Jeff. “When I first met Spekit, I realized their product matches both. Being me, I started offering ideas and suggestions about how Spekit could leverage Salesforce platform features to provide an even better user experience. I think it became clear to all of us that my Salesforce and technical background could provide a valuable multiplier for their already exceptional engineering team. “

On that note, 2020 is off to Spektacular start for our team and we hope it is for yours too.

PS. Oh and Steve Mo, I still owe you a beer. See you at Dreamforce 2020.

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