How Much is Low Sales Productivity Costing Your Organization? This Calculator Will Tell You.

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Productivity has always been a hot topic. There are entire library sections dedicated to productivity books. Thousands of companies claim to boost or drive productivity.

The shift to work-from-home spurred massive debates on productivity impact, and even Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has recently brought the productivity conversation back into the news cycle.

Here’s where things get interesting. Everyone seems to agree that productive employees are vital to the success of an organization. Yet, it’s nearly impossible to find companies that are actually measuring productivity.

That could be because there is no standard measurement for productivity. Every individual and role is unique. In sales, for example, is the rep who sends 100 emails a day more productive than the rep who sends 20 but ensures they’re highly targeted and personalized?

We can’t tell you what a highly productive individual looks like in your organization. What we can tell you is that if you leverage technology for your role, these two challenges are draining your productivity:

  1. Context-switching: Toggling between applications throughout the day. For example, you’re on a prospecting call and must navigate between LinkedIn, Salesforce, Outreach, Gmail, and Slack in a single call. A recent study of 20 teams across three Fortune 500 companies found “that workers toggled roughly 1,200 times each day.” That adds up to four hours each week spent simply reorienting yourself.
  2. Knowledge gaps: How do I complete this process? Where is the latest objection handling doc? What’s our latest privacy policy? Research indicates employees spend an average of one hour per day looking for answers and content or waiting for questions to be replied to by their manager or team.

You know what’s impacting your sales team’s productivity, but do you know how much it’s costing your organization? Use our calculator for baselining for team’s current level of productivity and learn what improvements will directly impact revenue.

Introducing: The Sales Productivity Gap Calculator

Finally, you can walk into conversations armed with baseline metrics on your team’s productivity gaps and areas for improvement.

Use the results to:

  • Fuel budgeting conversations
  • Set targeted checkpoints for productivity improvements
  • Help teams prioritize revenue-driving activities
  • Measure the ROI of your training and enablement efforts

Ready to see how you score?

Take 5 minutes and see how much low productivity is costing your org (and, what you can do about it) today!

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