Within sight, within mind: Making learning a habit with the Spekit Floating Dock

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In the context of role mastery, out of sight = out of mind is one of the greatest challenges to overcome. To truly master a role, you need a thorough understanding of the tools and processes you need to be successful today and what they become as they evolve tomorrow.

In the digital adoption and enablement space, we work with companies of all shapes, sizes and levels of technical expertise.

One of the top workplace distractions we hear is the feeling of being overwhelmed as a result of constant changes: Process optimizations, new tools, new products, adjusted messaging.

Training is crucial for these changes but above all, it’s the reinforcement of that training, where your team is working, that will solidify new information in the working memory and drive role mastery.

It’s for this reason that we designed the Floating Dock.

Think of “dock” as the tip of the iceberg for Spekit, and specifically for the Spekit Chrome Extension . It’s about increased visibility, prominence and recognition – in hopes of driving a habit loop where employees habitually click to access your organization’s real-time knowledge before submitting a support ticket or asking a co-worker for answers.

The content creators, subject matter experts and admins who use Spekit to distribute valuable and timely org insights know how important it is for everyone to be on the same page. With the pace of business quickening, they can’t rely on or expect employees to go out of their way to learn about changes. Many times, that valuable info isn’t seen or thought about unless it’s right in front of people.

Our product team relies heavily on a user-centered design process to make sure we build products that are easy to use and loved. A few of these principles that the dock plays to are:

  • Accessability – give me tools to access my information
  • Position and prominence – grab attention without being distracting or annoying
  • Usefulness and value – timely relevant alerts about business-critical changes
  • Visibility control – allow me to hide, minimize, or move it
  • Simplicity – does it make my life easier?
  • Recognition over recall – seeing the Floating Dock reinforces checking on notifications vs. the effort needed to remember to check them

Many users are new to extensions – a core part of how Spekit works. For them, the Spekit Chrome Extension may be their first or only extension ever used.

By addressing the above principles and making it incredibly easy for anyone – familiar with extensions or not – to access a one-click gateway to the knowledge of their entire organization, the Floating Dock is just one more way Spekit makes continuous learning a habit for your team.

How does it work?

The Floating Dock reveals a visual cue that Spekit users can use to access the sidebar on all sites where Spekit is enabled that contains an indicator and link to notifications for easy access. It’s automatically enabled on Salesforce and within the Spekit app by default and features:

  • Draggable, adjustable positioning
  • Can be minimized removed or expanded globally by the end-user
  • Can be adjusted on a per-company level on the Spekit backend

Use the Floating Dock to remind end-users they’re only one click away to knowledge and resources while working in key applications. Or, for new users, since Chrome has stopped showing all extensions in the top bar, this offers an easy way to discover Spekit – wherever you’re working.

Your team has disruptions. Now, learning isn’t one of them. Learn more on the Floating Dock feature page or in the documentation to get started today.

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CEO & Co-founder
Mel is a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, a Top 100 Female Entrepreneur to Watch, and has been featured across Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and more.
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