Spekit for Revenue Operations

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of revenue operations

Stop wasting valuable time answering repetitive questions and cleaning up dirty data. Spekit empowers revenue teams to hit their targets more efficiently by removing the friction of accessing information and eliminating context-switching.
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Be confident in the hygiene and accuracy of your data

Spekit embeds bite-sized process guidance directly into your reps’ flow of work (like Salesforce, HubSpot, Clari, Outreach, and more). Be certain data is entered correctly — and hold your reps accountable.

"As an internal solution, Spekit is highly flexible, and centralized within the RevOps team. This means no more costly meetings with other departments to fix, update, or rollout new topics."

Sam Choi headshot

Sam Choi

Head of Revenue Operations

Easily enforce new processes — even while your business is rapidly changing

Gone are the days of spending weeks creating documentation and training sessions that no one remembers or uses. Spekit makes it unbelievably easy to update your revenue team with new policies, procedures, territory changes, and more — without disrupting productivity.

“You can disseminate information directly into your team’s workflow. You can deliver updates the moment things change. You can improve retention by surfacing information after onboarding. Spekit becomes the one platform your team is familiar with to reference for continued learning.”

Todd Tribble headshot

Todd Tribble

Vice President, Sales Operations and Enablement

Stop fielding all those repetitive questions

The average rep spends 3–11 hours per week searching for answers. How can they keep up with so many changes, tools, and scattered documentation? With Spekit, answers are never more than a click away. Search, share, and create knowledge without leaving your web browser or Slack channel.

"Look no further, Spekit is the best. Being able to scale onboarding has been a game-changer. We've been able to reduce the amount of time we are spending responding to questions in Slack by creating content in Spekit and sending Speks."

Kristen O'Brien headshot

Kristen O'Brien

Sales Enablement Program Manager

Onboard new reps in half the time so they can hit quota faster

Your reps will forget 90% of their training before ever hitting the sales floor. Spekit reinforces processes, best practices, and tool training to ramp reps faster.

Quickly test retention with Knowledge Checks, and use Spekit’s analytics to see who is falling behind, out of compliance, or where additional training is needed.

“Knowledge Checks are the perfect way to reinforce hands-on training. They are especially powerful for onboarding in a remote-first world. We don’t want our teams to go to another application and possibly get lost just to take a brief assessment.”

Kirsten Lennox headshot

Kirsten Lennox

Training Manager

reduction in time spent documenting training
saved per week by eliminating repetitive questions
faster Salesforce onboarding