Close more pipeline with Outreach & Spekit

Your sales reps live in Outreach. Now, your playbooks, coaching, messaging, and guidance do too. Spekit surfaces the bite-sized enablement resources your sales reps need to close pipeline, directly within Outreach, where sales conversations happen.
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Spekit and Outreach

Give your revenue team superpowers with just-in-time enablement

Building efficient and effective revenue teams is more challenging than ever. In fact, less than 25% of sales reps exceeded their quotas last year. Spekit helps course correct by fueling every rep with the knowledge and resources they need to close deals directly within their flow of work.

Reps spend an average of 3–11 hours per week searching for answers to questions about tools, processes, or information. Spekit seamlessly integrates with Outreach.io, creating a unified ecosystem for your revenue team. No more toggling between platforms or losing precious pipeline-generating time. With Spekit, all your essential enablement and coaching lives where sales plays happen, within Outreach.io, LinkedIn, or anywhere your reps are prospecting.

Drive rep productivity and increase quota attainment

Spekit surfaces the knowledge reps need to close deals in Outreach, or wherever they’re working so they can spend less time digging for answers and more time selling.

“Since implementing Spekit, we increased our deal save rate to 70%. We also went from 50% of advisers hitting KPIs on the first week on the floor to 70%. So that was a really big benefit during the pandemic, and it’s because reps had all of the information they needed right in front of them.”

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Kirsten Lennox

Maximize the ROI of your tech and process investments

Increase tool and process adoption by guiding reps directly in their flow of work. With Spekit, reps never have to leave what they’re doing to access objection-handling docs, playbooks, case studies, and more.

Alert in Outreach letting users know there are new sequences available.

Drastically reduce ramp time and increase retention for new reps

The average ramp time for a new rep is six months. Spekit cuts that time in half by acting as their always-present digital coach – reinforcing job aids, SOPs, and playbooks within the tools they’re already using.

Communicate change and drive alignment across the organization

Keep your entire org, from sales and beyond, aligned and up-to-date on new processes, playbooks, territory changes, and more.

The Spekit Web App shows a View Activity graph, a Unique Views graph, a top viewed speks table, and a top viewers table.

Assess gaps and enforce accountability

It can be challenging to understand where your team is struggling. Spekit’s Knowledge Checks and real-time analytics reveal what’s sticking and areas for improvement. Spekit’s insights also help you hold your team accountable for following processes and best practices.

faster ramp time
hours saved per week
higher quota attainment