19+ Types of Sales Enablement Content [2024]

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Sales enablement content has become a major revenue enabler in recent years, increasing sales by up to 20% and helping sales reps achieve their sales targets from win rates to customer retention by simply making the content they need available and accessible. 

For those who are unfamiliar, Gartner says, “The foundation of sales enablement strategy is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.”

In other words, sales enablement is giving your salespeople content resources to help them close more deals. Or put even more simply, sales enablement is sales empowerment.

So now that you know it’s a valuable function for high-performing sales teams, it’s important to know where to focus your sales enablement content efforts. Even more, once you’ve produced that content, you have to leverage those assets for optimal success. Below, we’ll outline how to repurpose your existing marketing content for sales enablement.

What is Sales Enablement Content?

Sales enablement content is the content that sales teams use to engage with prospects throughout the sales cycle. It can range from ebooks to product brochures and even blogs. 

Sales enablement materials and content go beyond sales documents. With sales enablement content, the focus is on creating accessible and digestible content so sales reps have all the informational content they need to close deals faster. 

Sales enablement centralizes all sales collateral so other teams, including marketing and customer-facing teams, can collaborate on creating and updating sales content. 

Internal Sales Enablement Content?

Every sale's success depends on the sales reps' readiness and skill. Internal sales enablement content empowers sales reps with the content they need to excel at their jobs. This type of content trains reps on different selling and negotiation tactics, informs reps of recent updates, and shares time-sensitive information with sales reps. 

Internal sales enablement content includes product-related information, explainer videos, battle cards, case studies, high-quality presentations, infographics, and white papers that provide backgrounds on the business competitive landscape and details on individual competitors, enhance credibility, and facilitate collaboration and communication among departments.

External Sales Enablement Content?

External sales enablement content is content created by sales and marketing teams directly to increase sales performance. However, it also focuses on increasing customer engagement, speeding up deal closure, and making each sale offer more attractive. 

This content includes product demos, product explainer videos, detailed case studies, targeted email campaigns, interactive product guides, customer testimonials, SEO-optimized blog posts, informative white papers, promotional webinars, compelling social media posts, personalized landing pages, offer sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages, and industry reports.

Sales Enablement Content Types & Examples

Here are some of the best sales enablement content types and how you can effectively use them to boost sales:

1. Blog Posts and Articles

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

Blog posts are always fantastic assets. They educate buyers while playing a valuable role in calling prospects into action. From a sales enablement perspective, reps can send an informative blog post to prospects who are actively in the buying process to position their company as an industry expert. Some sales enablement platforms will allow you to create blog posts and articles from scratch with AI, increasing your speed.

Want to alleviate your Sales Development Representatives' (SDRs) embarrassment of staging a make-believe sales call in front of their peers? Try having them call a sales coach, manager, or senior sales team member from their desk using the sales enablement tools you created. SDRs will benefit from hearing the analysis and feedback from their calls, but this approach also gives the sales enablement team good insights into your tools' effectiveness.

2. Case Studies

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content 

Case studies have long been hailed as a cornerstone of a balanced content marketing strategy. That’s because they attract high-intent audiences—people who want to know how you’ve solved problems like theirs. For this very same reason, case studies are valuable assets for sales enablement.

Case studies don’t have to be overly complicated. A handful of industry-relevant customer stories that follow a simple challenge-solution-result framework can easily persuade prospects with real-world examples.

Because case studies are so valuable, the last thing sales reps need to do is waste time searching for content when a deal is on the line. A central library or in-app tool that delivers just-in-time sales enablement content to all your sales reps is ideal.

Spekit is not only good at creating short-form content, but it also has templates for long-form sales enablement content like case studies. Spekit also has templates for case studies so that you can create case studies faster. On Spekit, you can also share these case studies with prospects and track how they engage with them. 

spekit with linkin
With Spekit, users can create and share case studies, and also track engagement with the shared case study

3. White papers and eBooks

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

Much like case studies, white papers, and eBooks are staples of a successful content marketing strategy. White papers serve as excellent lead-generation tools for marketing teams to qualify and pass on to sales.

Tip: Short on white paper topics? Ask your sales team! They talk directly with potential customers daily and will be your best source of insight on prospects' questions. Once you’ve created these new white papers, be sure to share them with your team members to gather feedback and ensure they know how and where to access them for future reference.

4. Sales Scripts

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content 

Traditional sales enablement content often includes sales scripts. While there’s nothing wrong with having reps read a script, real-life conversations don’t follow the same format, and the unnatural quality could lead to a missed opportunity for personalized interactions and revenue generation.

To create empowering sales scripts that benefit everyone, simply list the most important talking points for your sales reps. This way, they’ll feel free to personalize their conversations while ensuring they still have all the information needed to guide a prospect through the buying process.

Do you need to “take the temperature” of your team’s engagement during extended remote working stretches? Send out a survey or motivating messages to your team through your sales enablement platform.

Don’t know what to say during a sales meeting? Spekit can create a sales script on any topic. You can also easily find existing sales scripts stored on Spekit’s knowledge base in any tool you use. 

sales script sales team
Spekit provides the content sales reps need right in the apps they use, including sales scripts

5. Product Spec Sheets

Internal or external sales enablement content?  External sales enablement content 

A product spec sheet is usually a one- or two-page document that quickly describes the product, who it’s for, what problem it solves, how it solves that problem, and, sometimes, how much it costs. A product sheet is also valuable in upselling as it may show products often bought together. 

For sales enablement, the spec sheet should concisely explain what you’re selling so the prospect can quickly decide whether it solves their problem or not. If they determine it’s the right product for their needs, the spec sheet becomes a valuable part of their internal process for championing it with others. 

If you want to increase knowledge retention across your sales team, you should try using Spekit to create and share product spec sheets with all team members so they can access them right in their apps. 

salesforce cpq
Spekit allows you to create and share product sheets, increasing the sales team’s knowledge of products

6. Competitor Comparison and Analysis

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content

If you’re not the only company in your field, your prospects are likely talking with your competition. Your sales reps need to know your key differentiating benefits and how you compare to your competitors. 

To make this resource as valuable as possible, summarize the most important information into a handful of bullet points as a “battle card” and make sure they are always easily accessible to your sales team.

7. Email Templates

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal and External sales enablement content

Most sales organizations use email as their primary channel for talking with potential customers. Email templates are a valuable investment for repeatable interactions that will pay off big time. Examples include initial outreach, check-ins, follow-ups after multiple emails, lead-generating drip campaigns, and checklists.

Once again, ask your sales team for feedback. Why guess what works when you have direct access to learn what generates the best results and what isn’t helpful? Analytics tools can take things a step further by tracking email open rates, and click-through rates and tell which emails led to a conversion. Following those methods, you can constantly improve your valuable pieces of sales enablement content—because when gathering insights, nothing beats qualitative feedback backed by quantitative data.

Never have to spend hours composing a single email again. With Spekit, you get email templates for each selling activity, from prospecting to follow-up, saving sales reps valuable time. 

Spekit users spend way less time composing emails because they have pre-made templates for emails

8. Sales Battlecards

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content

Think “Deal closure cheat sheet.” Sales battle cards include bite-sized content that prepares sales reps for every encounter with sales prospects. It includes everything from product information to competitive intelligence and objection-handling strategies, equipping sales teams with the essential knowledge to navigate sales conversations effectively and close deals successfully. 

Pro Tip: Create your sales battle cards using strategies from previous successful deals and improve them regularly to include the latest insights, trends, and feedback from both customers and sales teams. This iterative approach ensures that your battle cards remain relevant and effective in guiding sales reps. Also, using a platform like Spekit, you can create effective battle cards, and sales reps can easily access them while they are selling.

salesforce battle card
Spekit supports the creation of different types of battle cards for sales reps 

9. Interactive Product Demos

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

Sales and revenue teams need more engaging ways to display products, especially since online shopping is increasing. Interactive product demos increase product appeal and give buyers an immersive shopping experience. These interactive product demos can be anything from 360-degree virtual tours to AR-assisted experiences

The most effective way of making interactive product demos work for you is by doing what’s trending. Buyers and prospective customers are leaning towards virtual product tours, so your product demos should focus on providing that. 

10. Explainer Videos

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal and external sales enablement content

Explainer videos are not just walkthrough videos to show buyers and sellers how to do certain things. They are also sales enablement content that improves knowledge retention among sellers and leaves a lasting impression on the buyer’s mind. How? Explainer videos appeal to visual and auditory learners.

Want to make your explainer videos more effective? Focus on creating short videos that solve a single problem, answer a single question, or provide a single piece of information, as content-packed videos often cause information overload. 

Spekit, the best sales enablement platform for easy sales rep onboarding, supports in-app learning where sales reps can receive training, watch short explainer videos, and read bite-sized content right in the apps they are working in. So if you want your explainer videos to be more effective then you should try Spekit.

spekit outreach
Spekit allows users to train sales reps in the apps they use without obstructing the flow of work

11. Webinar

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

For many businesses, their target market is tech-savvy people who shop online. This category of people will likely not want to visit a physical store to learn about your product and would prefer to discuss it with a rep online. However, this is time-consuming for sales reps and may cause redundancies. Instead, sales teams can discuss this with many customers who fall into this category at once with webinars. 

The key to hosting a successful webinar is knowing exactly who your target audience is and what they want. You can also gain insight from frequently asked questions on your websites and social media or even make a social media post requesting that followers ask you anything.

12. Sales presentation or deck 

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

What better way to engage with high-target customers than to send them customized sales decks or presentation slides? Sales presentations and decks allow sales reps to showcase their best offerings in a way that will appeal to the target customer. They also allow prospects to make the best buying decisions, increasing their satisfaction as they can refer to the sales desk or presentation slides anytime.

To get the most value out of your sales presentations or decks, avoid reusing the same presentations for different prospects and customize each presentation based on the prospects' needs and preferences. Sales enablement content platforms like Spekit allow you to do this automatically in minutes.

Spekit provides users with ample sales resources to help sales reps win. There’s also customization flexibility so you can add your own content. Additionally, these presentations and slide decks are stored in a central location so every member of your sales team has access to them when they need it, reducing bottlenecks.

spekit sales resources
Spekit allows users to create presentation decks with tons of pre-made templates, and it also stores all of these decks in one place for accessibility

13. Cold call or email script 

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

Cold calls are as old as marketing and sales. They allow you to get instant feedback from prospects and implement strategies in response to buyer reservations so you can close your sale faster. However, cold calls and emails can get boring, so reps need a script for them. 

This sales enablement content allows sales reps to think up different life scenarios and create strong responses so that by the time they engage with prospects via phone calls or emails, they will be prepared for any angle the communication may take. The rule of thumb when creating cold calls and email scripts is to personalize your approach as much as possible, even though you’re using a cold call template. The more tailored your script to your prospect's specific needs, interests, and pain points, the more effective it will be.

Want to create a cold call and email scripts in minutes? Then you should try Spekit. Spekit has an ai-assisted content creation feature—SpekitAI that can create any type of sales script in minutes, so you can always have a fresh script to manage every selling scenario and objection during pitches to prospects. 

email script
Spekit supports the creation of any type of sales call script for sales reps to be more confident on calls

14. Customer Testimonials & Success Stories

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

Evidence-based marketing would not be complete without customer testimonials and success stories. It’s the best way to convince prospects that you are the best seller to choose from because other buyers whom you have served were satisfied with your service. But customer testimonials and success stories don’t have to be the same old boring “it was great” or “it was easy to use.” 

With sales enablement content platforms, you can encourage buyers to give in-depth reviews and feedback from using your products. These platforms allow sales reps to send customized feedback and review forms to buyers with personalized questions whose answers will be extracted to create an in-depth customer success story and customer testimonials. 

15. Solution Briefs 

Internal or external sales enablement content? External sales enablement content

Customers are more interested in what your products or services can do for them than what they do. Solution briefs are an opportunity to customize your product offerings to each prospect. They are similar to sales presentations and decks but much shorter and focus on the product you want to sell to the prospect.

The key is to keep solution briefs short and sweet (K.I.S.S). Outline specific value propositions and avoid boring prospects with unnecessary information, even if that information sounds nice.

16. Win/loss stories 

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content

Sales teams need to review each deal to analyze why it was won so the strategies applied can be replicated and why it was lost so the actions that contributed to the deal's loss will not be replicated. The most effective way for sales teams to do this is with win/loss stories, which is why we have outlined these stories as some of the best sales enablement content to create. 

For your win/loss story to be effective, give equal attention to successful deals and those that were not. It is just as important to improve on the team’s weaknesses as it is to leverage strengths.

17. Buyer persona documents 

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content

Buyer persona documents prove that if you can dream it, you can achieve it, but it’s not enough for team leads to dream about their target audience. They also have to sell these dreams to sales reps and what better way to do that than to create buyer persona documents? 

Buyer persona documents help the sales teams understand the customers they are targeting, which helps them choose the right services or products to pitch to individual customers. It also ensures that the team’s effort is maximized and that every engagement with the customer will produce a positive outcome.

18. Pricing guidelines

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content

A Pricing guideline is a document containing up-to-date pricing information for each product. By creating product guidelines, sales teams can ensure that sales reps have a single reference and are always aware of all price changes.

To create the perfect pricing guideline, you need to research your competitors' prices to offer your customers a competitive price. You also need to ensure the document can be easily updated for future price changes. 

19. Sales Playbooks

Internal or external sales enablement content? Internal sales enablement content

Not all sales reps are professionals, but even new reps can draw from years of experience when closing deals with sales playback. This sales enablement content is very useful for sales rep training as it outlines what every sales rep should do in any selling situation or sales pipeline stage for a successful deal closure. It helps sales reps to describe each product and service consistently for uniformity. 

To make your sales playbook more effective, speak to your sales teams about their challenges while selling and include solutions in the playbook. You can also use Spekit to create sales playbooks in minutes from a wide variety of playbook templates and store these playbooks in organized categories so they’re available to sales reps on demand.

sales playbook
With Spekit, users can train new sales reps fast with embedded content and sales playbooks

Access Sales Playbook Templates

How to Create an Effective Sales Enablement Content Strategy

Creating an effective sales enablement content strategy is a process that includes both sales, revenue, and marketing teams. Here’s how to create one: 

1. Talk to Customers 

Feedback from customers is invaluable when it comes to creating an effective sales enablement content strategy. What do customers need to know? What knowledge gaps do they have about your product? Your content strategy should focus on answering these questions. 

2. Talk to Sales & Revenue Teams

Traditionally, sales enablement responsibilities are assigned to only sales teams, but with modern sales enablement, sales, and revenue teams are aligned to create sales content and strategies that drive revenue growth. 

3. Design Sales Enablement Content Templates

While it is advisable to refresh your sales content often, it’s important to have templates to follow every time for uniformity and standardization of sales content. These templates can guide anyone who wants to create sales enablement content. 

Spekit has over 100 pre-made templates for various use cases, such as change management, support, and call centers, marketing content management, and employee onboarding. 

4. Organize Your Sales Enablement Content 

All your sales collateral should be organized in one place, from actual sales content to content templates. This will increase the effectiveness of sales content, as it will not only exist but also be accessible to sales reps when needed.

5. Use a Sales Content Management System 

A sales content management system helps create, store, and share sales content. However, when you use a full-stack sales enablement platform with a complete content management feature like Spekit, you won’t need an extra sales content management system.  

Spekit has a Knowledge Base that centralizes your sales collateral and organizes them based on their team, theme, or tool. You can also manage user permissions on sales documents and get analytics of sales collateral use.    

Spekit allows users to store all their sales collateral in one place—Knowledge Base.

How to Improve Your Sales Enablement Content

To improve your sales enablement content, remember these important points: 

The first is relevance. You could create a library of incredible content to generate tons of traffic and leads for your sales team, but if that content isn’t relevant to your target market’s pain points, your sales team won’t be able to use those resources to engage prospects and leads will likely be unqualified. 

The key to keeping this content relevant is having consistent, back-and-forth conversations with your sales team to get their feedback and ensure it properly addresses prospects’ needs, pain points, and questions.

The second—and possibly most important—key to improving your sales enablement content is accessibility. Sales enablement content should always be available to your team when and where they need it, so they can minimize context switching and maximize their efficiency, sales process, and revenue. 

What use is world-class sales enablement content if your team can’t get to it when they need it? If it’s buried somewhere in the LMS (Learning Management System) they went through for onboarding, it might as well not exist.

That’s why a centralized way of managing and distributing this content is vital to its success and usefulness. This is where a sales enablement tool like Spekit comes in: to organize content, make it easy for sales teams to give feedback, and ensure everyone is empowered to be effective at their jobs.

Optimize Your Sales Enablement Content Strategy

udated catalyst
Spekit allows users to style their content in the way they want with AI-powered sales content editing and styling

Optimizing your sales enablement content strategy is key to building an effective and efficient sales team. It ensures that all sales reps are aligned with the most current product information and updates, market insights, and best practices. However, this requires a significant commitment of time and resources from both sales and marketing teams, and that's where sales enablement platforms come in.

Sales enablement platforms enhance sales efforts by providing sales rep coaching, guided selling, immersive 3D content displays, sales collateral management, and AI for content creation. 

The best sales enablement platform for your sales content is Spekit. The Spekit platform not only simplifies the sales enablement content management with a centralized knowledge base but also supports interactivity and intelligence where sellers can easily access any of their sales collateral in seconds right in the tools they work in. 

With Spekit, sales teams can create sales enablement content in record time with Spekit AI, an AI-assisted content creation tool for creating, editing, and optimizing content. Spekit also supports internal and external sales enablement content and tools. Its Speks and Flows features support in-app bite-sized learning, while its conversation intelligence features generate insights from sellers' conversations with buyers. 

Learn more about Spekit

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