Case Study: Training experts reinvent their own learning processes with Spekit

Melanie Fellay
November 20, 2023
February 12, 2019

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How training experts reinvented their own learning processes

Bluewater Learning is a leading consulting firm in the learning, talent, and human capital management systems space. By offering expert insight and partnering with top-tier technology platforms, Bluewater has helped over 1,000 clients including ADP, United Airlines, Frito Lays and more maximize their investments in HCM’s and LMS’s. Bluewater Learning is headquartered in Richardson, Texas and has locations worldwide.

To be successful in their approach, it is essential that Bluewater employees maintain expert, up-to date knowledge in a wide range of different softwares which they partner with and use internally to deliver support services to their clients.

“Last Generation” knowledge solutions limited their ability to learn

As experts in the learning and training industry, Bluewater Learning has experimented with just about every digital training solution on the market. Yet, due to the inflexible nature of existing digital walkthrough solutions and the isolated nature of most LMS's, their team struggled to implement a system that was dynamic enough to keep their entire team up to speed on the rapidly evolving technologies they used on an everyday basis.

Bryan Miller, Senior Director of Business Operations, noticed this challenge first-hand. After valued time was lost cleaning up data entry errors and answering hyper-repetitive process related questions from his team, he knew he needed to make a change. Bryan was worried these inefficiencies were impacting the amount of time they were able to dedicate to billable client hours. When Bryan Miller and his team discovered Spekit at Dreamforce in 2018, they jumped on it and had it connected to their Salesforce within less than 48 hours.

With their upcoming system transition from Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud, Bryan and his team knew that these inefficiencies were only going to get worse unless they found a better system to share, create and manage knowledge across his teams.

In fact, Bryan's team plays a central role in creating and upgrading Bluewater’s internal systems. He also takes lead on providing training and system documentation to different teams.

The transition to Service Cloud was an attempt to simplify and improve the support process by moving all customer data onto one platform. However, many Bluewater employees struggled with the new product and needed guidance to complete tasks. As a result, many back-and-forth emails and in-person questions between Bryan and his team resulted in inefficiencies.

The solution

After Bluewater chose Spekit as their in-the-moment training and knowledge management solution, they noticed major improvements in their training and documentation processes.

1. Speedy rollout of Service Cloud training

“All of our go-live documentation for Service Cloud was defined and complete in about 10 total hours. That would have taken more than a week before Spekit.”

-— Bryan Miller, Director Business Operations

Leveraging Spekit’s integration to Salesforce, Bryan was able to quickly build out all of the necessary documentation to roll out Service Cloud directly from their existing fields, objects and picklists. This significantly improved adoption of Service Cloud because employees had the process documentation they needed to complete tasks and respond to customer requests directly in line.

2. Reduced documentation time

One of the major differences Bryan noticed was a substantial decrease in amount of time it took them to document their processes. Bryan said:

“Using Spekit has reduced our time to document and iterate on our training by more than 60%.”

3. Faster time-to-deployment of knowledge

Bluewater also experienced significant decreases in time-to-deployment of knowledge. Bryan told us a story which illustrates this:

“I'm sitting at a conference for learning professionals and get a request from my team for a new field and some training. Between sessions, I created the field, description, business process, and Spek in Spekit! Anyway. I'm a fan and this is why!”

The results

Bluewater now holds all their documentation for training, onboarding, and customer support inside Spekit. As Bryan and the rest of the Bluewater team continues to add to the knowledge base, their users will see growing benefit.

Watch the replay of our webinar with Bryan Miller at this link:

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