Combining Spekit and myTrailhead to become a Training Rockstar

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So, you have myTrailhead and are thinking about adding Spekit. Or maybe you’re looking at getting both? You might even be comparing the two to determine if you need both.

You may ask yourself, “how will these tools help me maximize my in-app learning, new employee onboarding, and continuous training?”

Great question! Navigating your training journey can be tricky with so many options available. There’s no doubt that the LMS space is growing and rapidly. In fact, according to Zion Market Research , LMS systems will be valued at roughly $19.05 billion by 2022. That’s a lot of reasons to ensure you're paying attention!

Still, it can feel overwhelming when looking into different applications and where to begin. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Let’s start by doing a quick breakdown of what myTrailhead and Spekit are, the differences between Spekit and an LMS solution, and how you can combine them to train like a rockstar! Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

So what is myTrailhead?

myTrailhead was adapted from Salesforce’s “Trailhead” platform. If you’re involved in the Salesforce ecosystem in some capacity, you’ve heard of this platform.

If you’re brand new to the ecosystem or unfamiliar, click here to read more!

What is it? myTrailhead is a traditional LMS (learning management system) designed as a series of learning modules that users can take in a specific order. Your employees can take courses you have designed to assist with your onboarding and training process.

How does it work exactly? myTrailhead gives you the ability to build out “trails” similar to a course in an LMS for your employees to use during onboarding and training. You can begin to make your trails by putting together a dedicated “myTrailhead team” in your organization. Each trail comprises a series of modules containing important information your employees need to know.

This information can extend beyond Salesforce CRM training and onboarding. For example, you can work with your IT team to gather information about necessary security measures each employee needs to be aware of and comply with. You can even add quizzes at the end of each module to reinforce the content being taught.

This is a great starting point for onboarding, but what happens after they complete the module when they’re in their day-to-day workflow and have a question? What happens when a small process change is made that they need to learn (ie you add a new field in Salesforce)? Do you create an entire module and have them go through it again?

When businesses are looking into “agile” learning platforms, they’re looking for systems that are customizable, user-friendly, tailored to their unique business needs, and quick to stand up ( TalentedLearning ). Enter, Spekit.

Introducing, Spekit.

Now that you’re familiar with myTrailhead and how it can help with initial onboarding and training, let’s take a closer look at Spekit.

First of all, what does it do? Spekit is the leading just-in-time learning platform for driving adoption across applications.

What does that mean? With Spekit, teams can embed and surface bite-sized enablement and training directly in the tools so that employees can access answers if they get stuck, when, and where they need them without leaving their workflow. This is important because studies show that we generally forget about 60% of what we just learned in only about 20 minutes!

The platform allows organizations to move quickly, drive change, and scale learning with growth.

Spekit helps train and onboard your employees and continuously reinforces and re-engages employees with just-in-time learning embedded through your team’s workflow. This is important because ROI on Salesforce does not happen immediately after implementation.

Why does ROI not happen right away? As you increasingly use the Salesforce platform, you will begin to mold and tweak it to fit your organization’s unique and specific business needs. Each change will require you to notify your team and re-train them.

It is not enough to simply notify them and hope they return to the centralized documentation system for more information. The chances of them doing that extra step are slim. You consequently run the risk of users developing workarounds, returning to legacy systems or simply not using the platform.

This is where ROI can be lost and why it is essential to embed your training and resources into the platform itself. It allows your users to get answers to their questions in real-time without having to hope they return to a traditional LMS system to visit the documentation.

It’s not just a one-sided approach either, Spekit allows your users to give valuable feedback in real-time within the application itself, letting you know what content is working for them and what is not. With the feedback gathered from Spekit, you can identify bottlenecks in the learning process and instantly update content to maximize impact and efficiency.

Even when employees are outside the app, information is still easily available to them without having to take the time to go back in. With the Chrome and Outlook extensions, users can access answers to their questions on the spot, anywhere they’re working.

Can you see how Spekit allows you to take your training well beyond the onboarding process? It allows you to seamlessly integrate learning into your business applications and avoid the headache of manual updates and confused employees. This, in turn, makes you a rockstar.

Where do they meet?

Now that we understand what each of these tools does on its own let’s take a look at why adding them together can take your onboarding and training journey to a new level.

We all know that onboarding during a new employee’s journey will never cover every employee’s question right out of the gate.

It will be a great jumping-off point for them to hear a deep dive about your business, the tools available to them, requirements and KPIs, and the necessities of how to get started in their roles.

Chances are, in the coming weeks and over their employment, they will have many, many more questions. Starting them off with a detailed repository of onboarding information that’s centralized and easy to access is key.

Having users run through myTrailhead trails and modules will provide a foundation for them with the option to come back and retake a course whenever necessary. This, however, is not enough. The likelihood of revisiting an LMS system for each and every question that comes up is very low. Why? Because it is time-consuming and assumptive that they will remember exactly where the content lives on their own.

What is the answer to combat this? Employees can use Spekit to answer all those ongoing questions that will continue to come up without having to search for the answers in myTrailhead.

For example, think about your Sales process. Chances are very high you will train your Sales staff on your specific process in their onboarding and initial training. But chances are also very high that this will not be enough.

Your employees will need lots of reinforcement as they get started, settle in, and feel comfortable. They may get confused about what requirements need to be met to move an opportunity from step 1 to step 2. Or maybe they do not remember which fields are required or what details they need to add in each step.

If you expect them to leave their workflow to spend time searching your LMS for the answer, think about how much of their and the company’s time is being lost. This extra step causes needless stress and confusion when they could be spending their time elsewhere (like prospecting).

Let’s look at another quick example. What if that same rep needs to create an opportunity report to monitor their pipeline and is unsure how to start? Now, they can use the out-of-the-box Spekit content with step-by-step instructions on how to create a report. Voila! They were able to answer the questions they had without ever leaving the page, asking a coworker or emailing support.

Another great use case for Spekit is ongoing change communication and training. Tools and businesses are in a constant state of flux. Nobody has time to create an entire training module every time a field definition updates, a territory change is rolled out or an opportunity stage is revised.

Spekit is the easy-to-use, create and scale solution for training and change communication. You can quickly ping updates to impacted team members that appear via notifications, email, through the Chrome Extension, and in Salesforce itself to keep everyone on the same page at all times.

Combining myTrailhead and Spekit makes YOU a rockstar!

With Spekit and myTrailhead combined, employees are empowered with the answers and coaching they need to succeed. And when your employees are happy and well-equipped, your business runs smoother and more efficiently, saving both time and money.

Have more questions about how adding Spekit to your myTrailhead instance or your Salesforce journey can improve your bottom line? Click here to set up a demo!

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