Salesforce Integration

Salesforce made simple

Spekit’s in-app enablement technology equips go-to-market and support teams with the resources they need to maximize results while driving adoption and ROI of your Salesforce investment.
Spekit is the only 5 star rated certified Salesforce Vendor on the AppExchange and has been a Salesforce Partner since 2019.
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One-click connect to Salesforce

The only Salesforce adoption and enablement platform with a one-click integration.

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Training & resources embed instantly

Training appears directly beside the defined terms, objects and more in Salesforce.

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Changes sync automatically

Goodbye, out-of-date content. Update documentation once and it automatically updates everywhere.

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Customizable templates to get started in minutes

Get started with customizable content templates for CPQ, Salesforce Lightning, and more.

Multiply your Salesforce ROI with just-in-time enablement

The total Salesforce spend surpasses 5x the initial upfront cost on average. It’s too big of an investment in your organization’s future to risk wasting it. Spekit’s enablement platform actively drives Salesforce adoption and process adherence to unlock the full value of Salesforce and your employees.

Increase sales process adherence, forecasting accuracy, and win rates

Put an end to dirty data and frustrated reps that distract from closing revenue by embedding your go-to-market processes and enablement right in Salesforce:

  • Stop losing revenue due to poor sales execution with in-app reinforcement of your sales process, exit criteria, and sales methodology (i.e., MEDDIC)
  • Improve forecasting accuracy through embedded deal desk and CPQ guidance
  • Win more by putting knowledge, like playbooks and battlecards, directly into the tools your reps use day-to-day

Expedite case resolution times, reduce error rates, and rapidly onboard new agents

Say goodbye to siloed and outdated documentation lowering quality assurance scores, and extending handling times when you embed your case management policies, procedures, and knowledge in Salesforce.

  • Increase customer save rates by automatically surfacing talk tracks and objection handling tips
  • Reduce costly errors with in-app access to up-to-date documentation and SOPs
  • Onboard new agents in half the time by reinforcing FAQs, product messaging, policies, and procedures directly within their tools

Embedded, contextual, bite-sized training delivered in Salesforce

Spekit’s no-code, one-click integration automatically embeds your guidance, training, and collateral directly into Salesforce and critical internal applications like Workday, Outreach, and ServiceNow.

Onboard employees in Salesforce 50% faster

Guide employees through Salesforce from day one and beyond with no-code walkthroughs that reinforce key processes and knowledge without disrupting productivity.

Remove the knowledge barriers holding your team back from embracing changes

Automatically track and document changes to your org like new fields or field updates. Instantly notify employees of a new policies, process changes, and critical updates with in-app alerts that appear when and where you need them.

Eliminate repeat questions with Spekit for Slack

Tired of answering repetitive questions? With Spekit, your entire knowledge base is searchable with a single command in Slack, or anywhere your team is working. Turn one-off questions into evergreen answers and get your time back.

reduction in Salesforce documentation time
reduction in inbound Salesforce support tickets

less time communicating new initiatives and changes
The Spekit Web App shows a View Activity graph, a Unique Views graph, a top viewed speks table, and a top viewers table.

Assess gaps and drive accountability

You cannot improve what you cannot measure.

Spekit’s quick Knowledge Checks and back-end analytics reveal what’s working and highlight areas for improvement without disrupting productivity. Hold your team accountable for following processes and uncover opportunities to boost performance.

Condense months of content creation into minutes with SpekitAI

Creating documentation and training should take minutes of your time, not hours.

In addition to our free out-of-the-box customizable training content for Salesforce, CPQ, nCino, NPSP, Financial Services Cloud, and more, SpekitAI‘s capabilities make it crazy easy to create, summarize, and edit content to your needs with a click of a button.