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Create, surface, and share knowledge and resources effortlessly with Spekit.
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Create training once, surface it everywhere

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1. Create and document knowledge in seconds from anywhere

With Spekit, documenting knowledge is as easy as writing an email. Browse free templates on popular tools to get started.

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2. Automatically share and communicate new knowledge

Create once, and knowledge is automatically embedded in-app or searchable from any workflow in Chrome or Slack.

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3. Easily manage and maintain knowledge

Assign SMEs, owners, and permissions to keep knowledge always up-to-date. Use real-time alerts to notify employees of crucial changes and announcements.

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4. Assess and analyze in real-time

See what knowledge people are searching for and what they’re using. Assess knowledge retention and create real-time feedback loops to identify gaps.

Document processes and create knowledge easily from anywhere

Create training in seconds, directly in Spekit or any application you’re working in.

  • Customize with video, embedded files, links, PDFs, and more.
  • Assign experts for collaborative editing and authoring

“Our sales reps love Spekit because within 30 seconds to a minute, if someone shares a best practice or process change in Slack, I turn it into a Spek and reps can quickly access that information and use it themselves.”

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Aaron Clark

Onboard and ramp 50% faster with knowledge reinforced in-app

Increase productivity and improve retention with knowledge embedded directly in Salesforce, Outreach, Workday, and more.

  • Surface critical information beside terms, fields, picklist values, and more without a single line of code.
  • Automatically track and manage changes with the Salesforce integration.

“We have put our rigorous onboarding framework into Spekit, which made our onboarding more “self-service.” Most importantly, it decreased our ramp time by 50 days to close a new sale.”

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Paige Aspinwall

Your entire knowledge base is never more than a click away

No more digging or waiting for answers. With Spekit, your knowledge base is instantly accessible wherever your team works.

“Our team has so many different FAQs. Giving them those answers on the fly has been really helpful with utilization, which we didn’t have with our previous knowledge base.”

Kirsten Lennox headshot

Kirsten Lennox

Centralize training and resources across the organization

Consolidate your company’s knowledge and seamlessly organize by team, process, tool, or topic.

  • Guide employees through training modules.
  • Automatically export content to PDF for live training sessions.

“The ease of use, the structure around ownership of areas, permissions to write vs. consume, and the overall speed of getting this tool stood up and creating value have been game-changing for us. Spekit has limited the amount of back and forth and the repetitive nature of knowledge sharing internally for our teams.”

Alex Leinweber

Alex Leinweber

reduction in time spent documenting training with Spekit
employees using Spekit get an extra 2 hours back in their day
reduction in time spent hosting training sessions with Spekit

Quickly assess knowledge retention

Bite-sized Knowledge Checks assess and reinforce knowledge. Instantly understand if your training is resonating with insights delivered automatically.

  • Quick, 4-question pulse checks surface in-app to validate the understanding and retention of information.

“Nobody likes taking long, formal quizzes. Knowledge Checks are easy to create and take, and our teams enjoy them. They’re taking these assessments without even being asked.”

Jen Rogers headshot

Jen Rogers

Communicate crucial changes in real-time

Communicate new policy changes, share new knowledge, or notify your team when a process changes when and where it matters.

  • Send in-app alerts, browser, and email notifications.

“Training today is no longer just sitting in a room or in front of a computer for an hour. Learning happens in the moment for users and that is where Spekit excels. We’ve been able to reduce ad hoc questions and provide valuable in-the-moment training for users without additional work.”

Kara Factor headshot

Kara Factor

Spekit Spotlight in Workday welcoming them to the tool and starting their onboarding journey.
Spekit Web App - table showing whether speks are being used or if they need to be updated.

Measure what’s working and identify gaps

How do you know if your training is being used? Analyze search data, view data, reaction, and feedback data in real-time.

  • Deliver key insights to stakeholders faster and with less burden.

“In other tools, dashboards throw a lot of data at you, but there’s no story to it. With Spekit’s dashboards, I information I can act on to actually improve the organization and our use of Spekit.”

Jack Michael headshot

Jack Michel