Generative AI for Sales: Everything You Need to Know [2024]

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We often hear that generative AI is the new frontier…but that’s not entirely true. Many companies have been utilizing AI for some time—for sales, marketing, and beyond—and are already seeing the benefits. 

In a Forbes Advisor survey, more than half of respondents said they believe using AI will improve customer relationships, boost productivity, and drive sales growth. While customer experience, productivity, and sales increase, companies are anticipating that costs, customer response time, and human error risk will decrease.

But how exactly does generative AI for sales work? In this article, we’ll unpack the benefits of using generative AI to improve your sales content creation, lead generation, and prospect engagement.

What Is Generative AI for Sales?

Generative AI utilizes machine learning to take large volumes of data and essentially learn from it to produce something else. Generative AI for sales includes content creation, like written, audio, or visual content. 

However, AI sales tools can also help with summarizing discovery calls to help sales professionals find key talking points, analyzing data on potential customers to pull out unique insights, and personalizing sales content toward a prospect’s individual interests.

Generative AI Summarization

How to Use Generative AI for Sales

From sales content management to the creation of effective onboarding and training courses, generative AI has far-reaching implications. 

Let’s examine how you can use generative AI to improve the creation and optimization of content, lead management, content visibility and accessibility, and more.

1. Optimize content management & engagement 

Research shows that sales professionals spend an average of 440 hours each year trying to find the right content to share with prospects. Content is a major part of a successful sales enablement strategy, but reps waste literal hours every single day sifting through disorganized sales content management systems. 

Many AI sales tools will not only help you organize and share your content, but some, like Spekit AI, will even support the visibility and accessibility of that content. Spekit AI uses generative AI intelligence to automatically recommend the right content to show prospects after a call. The AI will review your meeting notes and then share the perfect collateral to send to your prospects to guide them down the sales pipeline

No more leaving your workflow, no more hunting for answers–and no more guessing if useful resources are even available. Spekit AI ensures your team always has the right information at their fingertips, boosting productivity and impact. 

Learn more about Spekit AI

2. Automate content creation

The average B2B buyer consumes 13 pieces of content before making a purchase. Creating that content manually is time-consuming. Human-driven content creation can be costly, all while opening yourself up to the risk of human error. 

Meanwhile, AI sales tools like Spekit AI, can create high-quality content 10 times faster than a person. In seconds, you can instantly generate baseline content for playbooks, tool definitions, and sales scripts, convert lengthy SOPs and documentation into digestible, bite-sized training, and translate content for global reach, and much more.

3. Improve lead identification

With machine learning, generative AI can understand massive, complex datasets in ways that humans simply can’t. Generative AI can search through data on your current customers, prospects, market, and competitors to identify patterns and help you better score your leads.

With data on your side, you’ll connect with leads that are more likely to convert rather than spending time on the wrong prospects.

4. Streamline onboarding and training

Machine learning can also help companies better train their sales professionals. By analyzing data on what’s working for your sales team and what isn’t, AI sales tools coupled with machine learning can help you create courses that prepare your reps for their role and make them feel more confident selling. 

Spekit’s research found that 47% of sales reps left a job due to poor onboarding and training. With Spekit AI, generative AI can boost employee retention. You'll get bite-sized bits of sales training and sales coaching right in your reps’ workflows, so they can learn right where they work–without the need for longer, more tedious training. They’ll get the professional development they want and need, and you’ll reap the rewards of a more engaged workforce.

5. Generate sales playbooks

Generative AI can make content specifically for sales playbooks. These sales playbooks utilize in-depth analytics to ensure they’re always optimized for your current revenue enablement efforts—saving you from having to manually update your playbooks and running the risk of missing critical info. 

6. Personalize outreach initiatives

According to McKinsey’s research, 71% of consumers expect personalization—and 76% get frustrated when they don’t get it. However, personalizing every piece of sales content would be a nearly impossible ask for sales professionals, at least if they were expected to do it manually. Generative AI can make personalization simpler, utilizing data on customer behavior to create and customize personalized content that will best entice your connections. From AI-powered content recommendations to send to a prospect right after a call to emails written and optimized with your target audience in mind, AI personalization can give you a leg up on your competition.

7. Automate administrative tasks

Sales reps spend an average of 14.8% of their week on administrative tasks. These tasks include maintaining sales records, generating sales reports, checking invoice accuracy, and much more. 

When you use generative AI to automate administrative tasks, you give your sales reps back their time so they can focus more on what you need them to focus on: connecting with prospects.

Benefits of Generative AI for Sales

We’ve talked about some of the use cases for generative AI in sales, but what are the benefits? We know how to use generative AI, but let’s talk about the why.

Improve quality

Using AI-generated content can give you a quality and engagement boost. A study by Bynder that compared an article written by AI and an article written by a human found that 56% of people said they even preferred the article written by artificial intelligence.

Because AI can unpack more data and more complex datasets, it can utilize this wealth of information to create content that’s more engaging and informative. It also reduces the risk of human error complicating the content. 

Automate operations

A study by Salesforce found that sales reps are spending less than 30% of their time actually selling. The rest of their time is eaten up by researching prospects, manually entering information, training, generating proposals, gaining approvals, and more administrative tasks. 

By using generative AI to automate operations, sales representatives can spend more time selling and less time doing manual tasks. 

Enhance efficiency

Salesforce’s study also demonstrates the need for improved efficiency across sales teams. According to the report, 65% of sales leaders say that sales operations are now a key part of sales strategy, showcasing the importance of roles, processes, and tools that boost overall productivity and efficiency.

The study also found that sales teams are using an average of 10 tools to close deals, something that sales leaders are trying to change. By using an AI sales tool that touches on multiple parts of the sales pipeline, sales teams can consolidate their tech stack and improve their efficiency. 

Boost conversion rates

According to McKinsey’s research, companies that have already invested in AI have seen a revenue uplift of between 3% and 15% and a sales ROI uplift of 10% to 20%. 

From AI-driven chatbots to AI-personalized email outreach, generative AI positively affects customer relationships, which can give your sales team a higher conversion rate, as well as a higher acquisition and retention rate. 

More About Generative AI for Sales

Wondering what generative AI can do for you? This FAQ can guide you through how and why to implement generative AI for sales. 

How can generative AI help my sales team?

When we consider the best practices for sales enablement today, generative AI touches upon multiple parts of the sales pipeline. When you onboard new sales professionals, generative AI can help you create courses that take from the unique learnings of your sales team. Generative AI can also reduce the need for manual administrative tasks, giving your sales representatives back their time.

As you collect data on your team’s performance and your customer behavior, generative AI for sales can unpack that information, pull out key points, and offer actionable insights that can help your team improve how they make connections. Those analytics and helpful insights can inform how your sales team creates and personalizes content, and generative AI can even make data-driven content itself that the team can use to turn a prospect into a buyer.

How can I use generative AI to generate sales leads?

AI can help you collect and utilize data on customer behavior to enable you to connect with more and higher quality leads. As you collect data on your prospects, AI can help you create your ideal customer profile and personalize your content to better target these interested buyers to encourage them to convert.

Generative AI can also help you segment your leads, improving accuracy in your lead scoring. Using predictive analytics, generative AI can take historical data and market research to find trends and patterns and tell you the likelihood of a prospect converting, helping you to also improve accuracy in your sales forecasting. 

What are the best generative AI tools for sales?

Spekit uses AI that works throughout your sales pipeline, giving your sales enablement teams a productivity and efficiency boost, while also improving upon the quality of everything from your content to your onboarding to your pipeline creation. 

With Spekit AI, you can instantly generate playbooks, sales scripts, and more that help you coach and train better sales professionals. Create new content based on your collected data, or condense lengthy documents into bite-sized bits of content that you can use for just-in-time training and enablement.

Not only will Spekit AI analyze your content regarding everything from grammar to tone, but you can even tell Spekit AI how you want it to spruce up your content, helping you keep all content and messaging on brand. You can also translate your content into multiple languages, enabling you to train your team members worldwide and reach new customers worldwide.

Leverage the Power of Generative AI for Sales

Generative AI can help beyond sales. It supports your marketing team to create a content marketing strategy that gets results. It enables your customer success team to build and maintain better relationships with your buyers. It allows your HR team to create workplace training that transforms everyone, even beyond the sales team, into highly-trained sales professionals. 

All together, generative AI can help all your sales efforts. You can generate content, but you can also personalize it and get recommendations on how best to use it. You can track data on your customers and potential customers, building out better lead-scoring tactics to ensure you’re using your time in the right places. You can also take away those mundane tasks from your sales professionals, giving them back precious time to focus on their prospects. 

Ready to experience gen AI on the sales side? With AI sales tools like Spekit, you can accelerate the speed, accuracy, efficiency, and impact of your sales enablement efforts and sales reps. Get ready to enter the future of sales enablement.

Learn more about what Spekit and Spekit AI can do for your company.

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