15 Best AI Sales Tools to Use in 2024

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Did you know businesses can increase their sales leads by up to 50% by incorporating AI into their workflow?  From automating routine tasks to reducing call time, these AI sales tools optimize the sales pipeline and put businesses ahead of their competition. 

AI sales tools are sales teams' not-so-secret superpower: they save time, improve the efficiency of sales teams, and make everyone’s job easier. 

This article explains what AI sales tools are, what they do, and how they’re used in sales. We also outline the best AI sales tools for various use cases. 

What are AI sales tools?

AI sales tools are sales enablement applications powered by artificial intelligence. These tools improve various sales processes, from lead generation to sales closing. 

AI in sales gives businesses a powerful experience that completely revolutionizes how they approach sales. For prospects, this can mean a more unified and personalized purchase experience; for sales representatives, this means speed and ease. Combined, these distinct results not only increase the business bottom line (reduce cost and increase revenue) but also narrow the productivity gap. 


How can AI be used in sales?

AI assists with several sales functions, acting in various roles from market scouts to personal shoppers!

  • Content Generation: Generative AI analyzes target audiences and trends to generate various types of content for sales teams, from outreach emails to custom sales coaching to final pitches. These tools consider the needs of your target audience and push out personalized messages that help convert prospects and encourage engagement. Thank you, AI!
  • Workflow Automation: Sales typically involves a lot of routine and monotonous tasks, from managing leads and contacts to sending follow-up emails and updating customer information. Depending on the sales volume, these tasks can be time-consuming and often result in inefficiencies in the sales process. AI automates these tasks, creating more time for sales teams to identify potential selling opportunities and personalize their engagements with clients. 
  • Sales Prediction and Analytics: Companies who accurately predict their sales are 10% more likely to grow their sales year-on-year and have also been reported to be the top in their niche. This shows the importance of sales prediction and analytics in the sales process. AI sales tools not only predict your sales based on general industry position and activities but also based on your year-on-year performance as well as the demography of your customer base, making the prediction very accurate. 
  • Lead Generation: Sales reps can leverage AI to increase the output of their lead generation efforts by automating the analysis of different customer data points. This would help them accurately identify patterns and trends they would have missed if they had done a manual analysis. It’s like having a 24/7 personal market scout, tirelessly working to identify new business opportunities so your team can focus on the personalized sales side.
  • Proactive Sales Assistance: AI sales tools offer proactive support to sales teams as they act as intelligent advisors: analyzing sales data, customer interactions, and market trends to provide real-time insights and recommendations. Generative AI can predict what products customers prefer, what discounts or offers they might need to convert, and more. This helps businesses give their customers a unique and personalized experience. 
  • Dynamic Pricing Solutions: AI-driven dynamic pricing tools analyze market conditions, competitor pricing, and customer behavior. This empowers sales teams to implement strategic pricing models, ensuring competitiveness and maximizing revenue in real-time. 
  • Customer Journey Mapping: With AI sales tools, you can easily understand customer behaviors and interactions across various channels. This would, in turn, give your sales team a deeper understanding of customer experiences, allowing for more targeted and effective engagement strategies.

The best AI tools for sales teams

Want to know which AI tool is best for your sales team? Our expert-curated list will help you find the perfect AI sidekick for your sales team. 

1. SpekitAI

Spekit is a just-in-time revenue enablement platform designed to offer unique and personalized coaching to sales teams right on the applications they use to carry out their daily job functions. 

But Spekit doesn’t stop there. Spekit’s AI sales tool, SpekitAI, leverages generative AI capabilities to create essential sales materials such as playbooks, sales scripts, and tool training in record time. Its sales content creation functionalities extend beyond creating content as it also formats and summarizes pre-written business documents into concise and digestible formats for easy understanding. 

Spekit also comes in handy in your sales rep onboarding process as the platform converts lengthy SOPs into bite-size training segments with just a click, reducing information overload and boosting the efficiency of the onboarding process as a whole.

Key Features: 

  • Automatically edits grammar, spelling, clarity, and tone for confident content creation
  • Instant summarization  of ineffective long-form content into clear, digestible bites
  • Translate resources into the language of the learner without exiting your browser
  • Converts content into a variety of languages for geographically diverse teams
  • Transformation of a simple command into deal-accelerating sales playbooks
  • Generate baseline content, revise formatting, create summaries, and more

Best for: Automated content creation and just-in-time learning 

Spekit helps thousands of teams close more revenue. Ready to join? 

Get started with Spekit

2. Drift

Drift is an AI-powered conversational solution with bionic chatbots that enable human-like communication, adapting continuously with increased user interaction. It also offers real-time account-based marketing that alerts businesses when prospects engage with them and assigns personalized playbooks for each interaction.

Key Features: 

  • AI conversational review and rating
  • AI-powered website chatbots
  • AI-generated replies and language translations
  • AI insights and analytics

Best for: Conversational marketing

3. Perplexity

Perplexity is a productivity and knowledge tool that processes questions while considering an entire conversation history for context. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies, such as OpenAI's GPT-3 model, to directly answer questions. It provides a conversational interface, contextual awareness, and personalization for users to learn their interests and preferences over time.

Key Features: 

  • Generating AI-powered responses
  • Chatbox-style search engine
  • Google Chrome extension

Best for: Content creation

4. Tome

Tome is a presentation tool that uses AI to transform text into structured, engaging presentations quickly. It features narrative building, automatic image generation, and interactive elements like 3D models and video narration. The platform offers responsive layouts, various integrations, and tools for dynamic, professional communication across different devices.

Key Features: 

  • Documents to presentations converter
  • Collaborative AI tool with DALL-E 2 for custom images
  • Generates presentations, pages, outlines, images, and text
  • AI-generated content and images for presentations and landing pages

Best for: AI presentations

5. Storydoc

Storydoc is an AI proposal creator ideal for software products and enterprise services. It combines AI generation and interactive design with powerful integrations to create the most effective web-based business proposals. Boasting a lineup of diverse templates for various business cases, Storydoc is a tool that can serve sales teams, outbound and marketing professionals alike in the long run.

Key Features:

  • AI generator that requires little final editing of your document
  • Analytics on open rate and reading behavior
  • Personalized proposals thanks for CRM integrations 
  • Complex embed options, such as calendars and forms

Best for: Improving sales pipeline and conversion rate

6. Apollo AI

Apollo AI is an end-to-end sales platform with sales intelligence enablement and a database of over 270 million verified contacts you can filter for your target audience. It also has a scoring engine that assigns a score to each lead, which can help you prioritize high-quality leads. Apollo AI has a feature that supports human-like conversation in email to give customers and prospects a better experience. 

Key Features: 

  • AI Writing assistant for personalized emails
  • AI-powered email analysis and follow-up
  • Automated go-to-market plays for prospect needs
  • AI sales assistant with an extensive database

Best for: Email personalization

7. Seamless AI

Seamless AI is a sales lead AI software for businesses to find B2B direct dials, mobile numbers, and emails. It uses multiple data points that run on AI to crawl through the web to find, verify, and validate prospects’ contact information.

Seamless AI can also export B2B contacts and company information to the existing tech stack.

Key Features: 

  • Third-party integrations
  • AI Chrome extension for finding personalized insights
  • AI writing tool for sales and marketing copy
  • Data enrichment tool to update existing or incomplete data sets

Best for: Lead sourcing

8. Atrium

Atrium is a consulting services tool that enables businesses to achieve data-driven CRM and business intelligence at scale. Atrium is focused on delivering data-driven CRM strategy by applying the principles of data, analytics, AI, and machine learning to a select set of leading cloud platforms. 

Atrium uses techniques like natural language processing, deep learning, robotics, speech, and vision to solve complex business problems. It also provides AI consulting services for businesses just getting started with AI tools. 

Key Features: 

  • Analytics and data visualization
  • Full-scale data science and AI consulting
  • Business change enablement
  • Salesforce, Tableau, and Snowflake strategy

Best for: Analytics and AI consulting

9. Clari

Clari is a unified revenue platform that takes control of revenue processes. Clari offers an AI-powered sales intelligence tool named Clari copilot that acts as a live AI assistant for sales teams. Clari's copilot enables sales teams to review sales calls, analyze deals, take notes, forecast sales, and train reps in real-time.

Key Features: 

  • Intelligence conversation analysis and insights
  • Real-time battle cards and monologue alerts for reps to navigate objections
  • Track and manage call summaries and highlights
  • Enterprise-grade security. SOC 2 Type 2 certified and GDPR compliant

Best for: Revenue operations 

10. Champify

Champify is an AI-powered platform that tracks job changes to turn existing relationships into business opportunities. It uses ABM platform integrations to leverage familiarity signals and find score accounts. Champify’s integrations are actioned directly into the team’s favorite tools and workflows.

Key Features: 

  • Track customer job changes
  • Third-party integration with sales tools
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Capture and log every contact and meeting in Salesforce to attach them with the opportunities they actively participate in

Best for: Pipeline building 

11. Exceed.ai

Exceed.ai is a conversational marketing platform powered by AI that automates lead qualification, scoring, and nurturing processes for sales and marketing teams. In real-time, it enables human-like, two-way conversation via email, chat, website, and sims. The platform scales marketing and sales efforts using AI-powered conversations.

Key Features: 

  • Schedule meetings for reps over chat, SMS, and email 
  • Automate lead follow-up & engagement with email & SMS conversations
  • AI lead qualifications to automatically ask qualifying questions
  • Website Chatbot

Best for: Sales Virtual Assistant

12. People.ai

People.ai is a generative AI sales solution that automates manual tasks and enables prescriptive coaching recommendations. The revenue intelligence platform uses AI-powered assistance that automates daily tasks such as QBRs, account planning, forecasting, and meeting preparation. The SalesAI platform is built and trained on sales activity capture, buyer insights, and CRM data.

Key Features: 

  • Provide answers to revenue questions
  • Provides deal summaries
  • Provides a unified view across accounts, opportunities, and teams
  • Automate day-to-day tasks like QBRs, account planning, forecasting, and preparing for customer meetings

Best for: Leads Prediction

13. Gong.io

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence platform that captures customer interactions and delivers insights at scale. It leverages machine learning with AI-powered insights and automation to accelerate sales cycles and improve pipeline visibility. It uses AI technology such as customized Smart Trackers to capture trends in customer interactions and act on all interactions in a single, integrated platform.

Key Features: 

  • Third-party integrations
  • Generate call briefs, action items, and personalized emails
  • Critical analytics and insights into customer conversations
  • Supports multiple languages

Best for: Automation and Guidance

14. OutreachWriter

OutreachWriter is an AI sales tool designed for business outreach, specializing in creating personalized cold emails and LinkedIn messages. It analyzes LinkedIn activities and profiles of prospects, scraping data from target websites to craft tailored messages aimed at establishing one-on-one relationships. 

The tool is used for generating personalized messages for LinkedIn connection requests and for writing blog content for backlinks.

Key Features: 

  • AI email and opening line writer
  • AI LinkedIn outreach
  • Sales pitch writer
  • AI-writer for recruitment

Best for: Content creation

15. Clay

Clay is a CRM tool that targets the right leads at the right time. It combines 50+ data providers, real-time scripting, and AI  to send personalized campaigns that book more meetings. Clay has integrations with 200+ tools to trigger outbound campaigns, update CRMs, etc.  

Key Features: 

  • Build lists by scraping LinkedIn and Google maps
  • Adds hyper-relevance integrations to email
  • Personalized outreach with templates and snippets
  • Outbound campaigns and CRM updates

Best for: Personalized outreach campaigns 

Use the best AI sales tool

A successful sales campaign takes a lot of everything: time, effort, team collaboration, etc. Thankfully, AI sales tools have arrived as sales superheroes to simplify, automate, and improve, well, everything! 

SpekitAI automates the painful parts of content creation. It enables sales teams to generate baseline content for playbooks, sales scripts, and more. It automatically edits grammar and spelling and provides clarity and tone to help you publish confidently. SpekitAI helps sales teams convert lengthy SOPs and documentation into digestible, bite-sized training.

But it doesn’t stop there. Spekit has reinvented how sales reps absorb and access knowledge with its innovative approach to sales training. With just-in-time learning, Spekit is your always-available, instantly accessible sales coach who supports employee training from their first day to their last.

Spekit delivers contextual, personalized guidance and enablement to revenue teams — directly in their flow of work. No more searching for answers, context-switching, or unnecessary disruptions. It ensures employees retain and apply sales processes in their daily tasks–leading to fast-track adoption of change and technology.

Provide just-in-time and no-code enablement for your revenue team by turning every rep into the best for your revenue growth goals.

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