16+ Best Sales Coaching Software Platforms [2023]

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The right sales coaching software can be the difference between your team hitting sales targets, filling your pipeline, driving revenue…and, well, not.

Of course, not all sales coaching software is created equal. In today’s competitive landscape, teams are looking for platforms to scale with their employees as they provide personalized coaching, contextual learning, knowledge reinforcement, and more.

If you’re ready to learn about the tools that can help drive those sales numbers sky-high, then you’re in luck! This article will explore the various types of sales coaching software that can be used throughout the sales process and cover some of the top sales coaching software solutions on the market right now.

What is Sales Coaching Software?

Sales coaching software platforms are specifically designed to enhance the performance and productivity of sales teams. They offer a range of capabilities, including real-time call coaching, just-in-time learning, role-playing scenarios, performance analytics, and sales engagement support.

Types of Sales Coaching Software

Let’s take a look at some sales coaching software examples.

Sales Role Play Software

Sales role-play software allows sales professionals to practice and refine their sales techniques in a simulated environment. It often includes scenarios, scripts, and interactive exercises. This type of software is useful for training new sales reps, refining pitch delivery, and enhancing objection-handling skills.

Real-time Call Coaching Software

Real-time call coaching software provides live feedback and coaching to sales reps during sales calls. It can offer suggestions, prompts, and insights based on the ongoing conversation. It’s great for live coaching, ensuring reps maintain focus and deliver the best pitch.

Sales Engagement Software

Sales engagement tools help sales teams automate and optimize their interactions with prospects and customers. They include features like email tracking, social media integration, and sales cadence management.

This software helps sales teams streamline prospect communication, track interactions, and personalize outreach. It’s ideal for managing and optimizing email campaigns, social selling, and lead nurturing.

AI Sales Coaching Software

AI sales coaching software utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze sales data, identify patterns, and offer data-driven insights. It can provide personalized coaching recommendations, sales predictions, and performance analytics.

Teams can implement this software to leverage advanced analytics, automate sales tasks, improve sales forecasting, and offer individualized coaching based on data-driven insights.

Sales Outreach Software

Sales outreach software helps sales teams automate their outreach efforts across various channels such as email, phone calls, and social media. It often includes features like email templates, drip campaigns, and lead tracking.

Use this software when you want to scale your outreach efforts, nurture leads, and maintain consistent communication with a large number of prospects.

How to Choose the Right Sales Coaching Software For Your Organization

With the diverse types of sales coaching software discussed above, choosing the right one for your organization can be overwhelming. Start by assessing your specific needs and understanding the unique challenges your sales team faces. Identify areas where your team requires improvement, whether enhancing communication, refining sales techniques, or analyzing data for strategic insights.

It’s also helpful to consider the overlap between different tools: some software solutions might offer a combination of features to address multiple challenges within sales coaching. Prioritize user-friendly interfaces and excellent support services, and look for software that not only fits your current requirements–but also allows for future scalability and adaptation as your organization grows.

Best Sales Coaching Software

This sales coaching software list will review some of the best options on the market and their specific use cases in sales coaching.

1. Spekit

Ineffective, outdated coaching methods cost you time and money. Employees will have forgotten 90% of what they learned a week after onboarding…but they’ll remember 65% of what they’ve learned by doing.

Spekit is just-in-time enablement software for sales and revenue teams that reinforces critical knowledge contextually–wherever your team is working. The platform surfaces bite-sized coaching, process guidance, and resources directly into the workflow of sales teams, ensuring quick access to updated content while eliminating time wasted searching for information.

Spekit streamlines the creation and delivery of in-app enablement materials, minimizing the need for sales reps to juggle PDFs, lengthy courses, PowerPoints, and Google Docs or switch between applications. It also offers pre-made playbooks and tailored content catered to common sales processes, including objection-handling strategies, MEDDIC, BANT, battle cards, and cheat sheets.

Key Features:

  • Contextual learning platform to train, coach, onboard, and enable your employees with ease
  • Knowledge base to centralize your processes and resources
  • Speks provide sales reps with bite-sized knowledge directly in their workflow
  • Spekit Flows guide employees step-by-step through new tools and processes
  • Free content templates to help you get started in minutes
  • Knowledge checks and analytics to assess playbook effectiveness and knowledge retention
  • SpekitAI for automating content creation, enabling you to create content 10x faster

Best for: Just-in-time enablement and real-time sales coaching

Spekit redefines how sales teams operate by making essential resources instantly accessible, directly within tools like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Outreach.io, and more where reps are prospecting. The platform increases productivity, content engagement, knowledge retention, and, ultimately, revenue.

Every sales rep is empowered with the confidence and real-time answers they need to accelerate pipeline with just-in-time learning.  

Get Started with Spekit

2. Gong.io

Gong.io Sales Coaching Software

Gong.io is a revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses turn customer interactions into strategic insights. It uses machine learning to provide a view of customer interactions and market dynamics and help businesses increase revenue efficiency. Gong supports over 70 languages and caters to different industries and geographies.

Key Features:

  • Performance metrics for sales representatives
  • Offers training management tools
  • Provides alerts and escalation features
  • Archives and retains call recordings

Pricing: Gong requires that teams request a quote

Best for: Revenue insights and analysis

3. Chorus by ZoomInfo

Chorus by ZoomInfo is an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform that analyzes customer engagements across phone calls, video meetings, and email. It offers a range of features such as training, knowledge base, coaching materials, playbook creation, video record feedback, review scorecards, coaching card notifications, call analytics, and call recording machine learning.

Key Features:

  • Multi-device data visualization
  • Customizable and interactive sales dashboards
  • Predictive analytics lead scoring
  • Live pipeline sales management

Pricing: Chorus requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales engagement

4. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform that helps businesses streamline their sales process by providing features such as lead and opportunity management, contact management, forecasting, and reporting. The platform enables businesses to manage their sales pipeline, automate repetitive tasks, and collaborate with team members.

Key Features:

  • Manages customer information, including communication history
  • Automates lead management, opportunity tracking, and forecasting
  • Provides insights into sales performance
  • Forecast future sales revenue


All of their plans are billed annually.

  • Starter: $25/user/mo
  • Professional: $80/user/mo
  • Enterprise: $165/user/mo
  • Unlimited: $330/user/mo
  • Unlimited+: $500/user/mo

Best for: Customer relationship management

Pro Tip: Learn how to combine Spekit and Salesforce for real-time sales coaching here.

Use Spekit and Salesforce for real-time Sales Coaching

5. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is an AI-powered revenue workflow platform that enables go-to-market teams to increase revenue and lifetime value. It provides sales engagement tools that sales teams use to execute digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, and get coaching. The platform also offers features such as sales emails and cadence scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Tracks email opens, clicks, and replies
  • Records calls and logs call notes
  • Users can manage roles and permissions
  • Sync data between SalesLoft and Salesforce

Pricing: Salesloft requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Revenue and coaching workflow

6. Showpad

Showpad is a sales enablement platform that provides solutions for marketing and revenue teams. It enables sellers with content and training to engage buyers and grow the bottom line. The platform offers features including sales content management, buyer engagement, seller effectiveness, and analytics and insights.

Key Features:

  • Sales enablement maturity calculator
  • Single sign-on via SAML
  • Built-in course authoring
  • 3D models and 360° immersive showrooms

Pricing: Showpad requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales enablement

7. Xactly

Xactly provides cloud-based sales performance management solutions. It enables companies to meet their sales targets by streamlining commission and compensation processes. Xactly also calculates incentive compensation and manages revenue forecasting and sales planning. The platform also automates and optimizes sales territory mapping and visualization.

Key Features:

  • Commission expense accounting solution
  • Map-based interface to visualize customer data
  • Pipeline analytics and forecasting
  • Built-in analytics and optimizer engine

Pricing: Xactly requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales performance management

8. Outreach.io

Outreach.io is a sales execution platform that enables sales teams to create and close the sales pipeline. It employs AI to improve seller productivity and enhance revenue growth using conversation and revenue intelligence. The platform also offers several tools, including the Outreach Engage, Guide, Commit, and Success Plans tools.

Key Features:

  • Sales engagement across various channels
  • Sales intelligence tools to identify prospects
  • Real-time sales coaching and feedback
  • Sales performance analytics for tracking progress

Pricing: Outreach requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales outreach and engagement

9. Dialpad

Dialpad is a business communications platform that unifies all forms of communication into one app, including calling, messaging, and video meetings. Dialpad offers a built-in speech recognition tool, Dialpad AI, which provides insights into agent-customer interactions to improve the customer experience. It also generates call transcripts, call summaries, and more.

Key Features:

  • Domestic calling, business SMS and MMS, and video meetings
  • Business phone number, visual voicemail, and multilevel auto attendant
  • Custom call routing, call and number forwarding, and interactive voice response
  • Call listening, call barging, and call whisper for contact center monitoring and coaching

Annual Pricing:

  • Standard: $15/user/mo
  • Pro: $25/user/mo
  • Enterprise: Teams have to contact Dialpad for a quote

Best for: Sales communications

10. Clari

Clari is a platform that helps businesses run their revenue process. It provides training tools for real-time coaching, collaborative planning, and streamlining rep workflows. Clari offers features such as opportunity management, pipeline inspection, forecast management, sales analytics, and security.

Key Features:

  • Data sourcing, exporting, & sharing
  • Multi-device data visualization
  • Customer conversation integrations
  • Risk and momentum indicators

Pricing: Clari requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Revenue operation management

11. Brainshark

Brainshark is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) software that provides tools for content authoring, sales training, onboarding, and coaching, and also supports text and video-based coaching. It is a platform for data-driven sales enablement and readiness that aims to help companies prepare their client-facing teams with knowledge, skills, and insights.

Key Features:

  • Audio-video conferencing
  • Readiness scorecards to visualize team progress
  • Education assessment management
  • Sales playbook creation

Pricing: Brainshark requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales coaching and onboarding

12. MindTickle

Mindtickle is a sales enablement and revenue platform for sales training, enablement, and call insights. It provides training programs, coaching, content, deal rooms, call insights, and forecasting to increase revenue productivity. Mindtickle offers ready-to-use programs and templates for training. The platform also provides multiple modules and content types to engage internal teams and customers.


  • Manage and track employee performance
  • Training solutions for sales teams
  • Helps onboard new hires
  • Audio and video conferencing capabilities

Pricing: Mindtickle requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales training and coaching

13. Salesken

Salesken is a conversational intelligence platform that provides insights into prospect-salesperson interactions. It analyzes prospect interaction across calls, presentations, and webinars to help sales teams improve their performance. The platform also records and annotates sales calls, and provides personalized coaching to help close performance gaps.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Channel communication
  • Speech recognition for transcribing  customer conversations
  • Process/Workflow automation for repetitive tasks
  • Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) for real-time assistance

Pricing: Salesken requires that users request a quote to access pricing information

Best for: Sales coaching

14. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an online collaboration, automation, and marketing software platform for businesses and nonprofits. It offers an online cloud service that users can access via a browser or mobile/desktop app. The solution can be used for several purposes, including CRM, tasks & projects, chats, online meetings, and website building.

Key Features:

  • Offers instant messaging capabilities
  • Schedule appointments with a calendar feature
  • Activity stream intranet center
  • Marketing and sales automation

Annual Pricing:

  • Basic: $49/mo for 5 users
  • Standard: $99/mo for 50 users
  • Professional: $199/mo for 100 users
  • Enterprise: $399/mo for 250 users

Best for: Sales automation and intelligence

15. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based communications solutions provider for small businesses and enterprise companies. They offer communication solutions that include phone, team messaging, video, contact center, and AI solutions. RingCentral can be accessed via mobile app and desktop app, they also offer a video product that enables teams to start, schedule, or join meetings remotely.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered conversation intelligence
  • Video meetings and rooms
  • Intelligent phone solutions
  • Virtual and hybrid webinars and events

Annual Pricing:

  • Core: $20/user/mo
  • Advanced: $25/user/mo
  • Ultra: $35/user/mo

Best for: Customer engagement

16. SalesHood

SalesHood is a sales enablement tool powered by AI. They offer features such as sales execution, content effectiveness, and sales-readiness. SalesHood also provides software, sales training content, and expert services to help keep teams in sync, replicate sales plays, and close deals. The platform includes training and onboarding, role-based learning, and pitch practice.

Key Features:

  • Sales content analytics
  • Employee onboarding and ramping
  • Sales pitch practice with AI Coach
  • Automated sales guidance and templates
  • Built-in sales training content

Pricing: Starts at $50/user/mo
Best for: Sales execution and readiness

Choosing the Best Sales Coaching Software

The true goal of sales coaching software is to help sales professionals improve their skills, increase their confidence, and achieve better results in their sales efforts. However, the software choices available are as diverse as the challenges faced by sales teams.

Choosing the best sales coaching software isn’t just about picking the most feature-rich or popular option–it’s about aligning the tool with your team’s needs. So if you’re looking to drive changes, promote best practices, ensure tool adoption, and easily onboard new employees, chat with the team at Spekit.  

Spekit has reinvented how sales reps absorb and access knowledge with its innovative approach to sales coaching. With just-in-time learning, Spekit is your always-on, instantly accessible sales coach that supports employee training from their first day to their last.

Spekit ensures employees don’t just learn processes but also retain and apply them in their daily tasks–leading to fast-track adoption of change and technology.

Join the ranks of successful sales teams and experience the transformative power of Spekit.

Schedule your demo today!