Southwest Airlines® drives productivity, accelerates learning, & communicates process changes in Salesforce.

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The problem

Southwest Airlines has invested heavily in training its Employees to continue leveling up their skills. Traditionally, it leaned on more formalized, real-time training sessions in order to disseminate information. Sales Teams had to flip between slide decks and notes taken during training and input that to Salesforce, resulting in information often being lost in translation. Valuable training resources, job aids, and documented processes were housed across five different systems outside of Salesforce, creating excess work for users and leading to lost productivity searching for information. With their Team transitioning to remote work, they needed a more scalable self-serve solution to streamline training while keeping everyone productive.

Businesses need an effective way to train employees and communicate change in real time — without disrupting their workflows.

How do they...

  • Train employees on tools, processes, and updates in a way that effectively maps to how employees learn and maximizes retention?
  • Increase adoption, productivity, operational efficiency, and revenue?
  • Decrease support questions, poor data quality, and scattered knowledge?

In the case of Southwest Airlines, the Company sought to understand how technology could help it house training material and updates directly in Salesforce where sales teams could easily access them. It was able to do this with the help of Spekit.

The solution

Southwest Airlines® now houses all training materials right inside Spekit for easy, contextual access directly within Salesforce. This allows its Employees to learn their processes and access key resources without leaving their workflow. Spekit also serves as an effective change management tool. Rather than relying on mass emails, Southwest Airlines pushes information and updates directly through Spekit, and its Teams are made aware with in-app notifications. The ability to view real-time analytics and feedback provided in the Spekit dashboard helps Southwest Airlines understand what users are viewing, where it can shift focus for training, and what process changes will have the most impact — ensuring that training is relevant and up to date.

Spekit has been a great asset for us and our teams during what has been a time of immense change. The tool has helped us manage that change but also empowers our people and gives them relevant, timely information where and when they need it. Libby Magliolo
Manager of Organizational Health
I have honestly never seen a tool as quickly accepted and loved as Spekit was by our sales Team — it was awesome. The only feedback they gave us was “More” and “Why didn’t we have this when I started?”. Libby Magliolo

This has resulted in...

  • A successful transition to 100% remote and virtual training during COVID-19
  • 60% less time spent developing and creating training material
  • 50% less time communicating new initiatives and changes
  • With the implementation of Spekit, Southwest Airlines has consolidated its training materials from five different systems, making Salesforce a one-stop-shop for information and updates.