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Surface sales content & knowledge in any tool with the Chrome Extension

Surface content and embed your playbooks, processes, and training in any application with Spekit’s Chrome extension.
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Embed and reinforce training and processes inside any tool

What if your sales process training automatically surfaced as your reps were completing that process? Give sales reps knowledge and content - without disrupting productivity.

Make your revenue plays, messaging, and entire knowledge base accessible from anywhere in Chrome

Only 70% of the knowledge shared during training is retained. With answers and content a click away, sales reps can learn as they go about their daily workflow.

CMS Sales Content Management Simplified

Surface the right sales content, at the right time

Effortlessly connect sales reps with deal-accelerating content in Salesforce, Outreach.io, LinkedIn, and more. Wherever reps are selling, your content is too.

Create sharable, trackable links in seconds

Sellers can generate unique share links in a single click that easily paste into any emails or messages.

Eliminate emails, chats and costly training hours with in-app alerts

New process change? New field in Salesforce? New case study? Keep your sales reps aligned and communicate updates when they’re most relevant with in-app notifications in any tool.

Streamline tool onboarding and drive adoption with step-by-step walkthroughs

Handhold employees through new tools and processes with the easiest to create walkthroughs in the industry that reinforce crucial knowledge, right where your team is working.

Search, favorite, and copy Speks…

Start enabling your team with access to instant answers and resources - from anywhere.


Enablement reimagined for reps

One unified platform to centralize your sales content and make it universally accessible, searchable, and useful - from anywhere.

Share a link to your sales content and track performance

Turn knowledge into revenue and content into customers

  • Centralize sales & marketing collateral
  • Share content externally and track
  • Get real-time alerts on buyer engagement
  • Create, update, and add content in minutes
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Spekit Sidebar with BANT Discovery questions outlined in LinkedIn.

Ramp reps 50% faster, increase quota attainment, and accelerate pipeline

  • Onboard, train, and coach reps
  • Reinforce sales plays and playbooks
  • Share changes and updates in real-time
  • Assess knowledge retention instantly
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Stage 1 process documentation on a Salesforce picklist

Handhold reps through changes and updates to move and scale faster

  • Guide reps through tools and processes
  • Embed FAQs, process guidance, and support
  • Communicate in real-time with in-app alerts
  • Drive clarity, accountability, and confidence
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