10x the impact of your L&D efforts with just-in-time learning

Multiply the retention and application of your training with bite-sized microlearning automatically reinforced in your employee’s day-to-day workflows.
Meet Spekit

Reinforce policies, process guidance, tool training, onboarding material, and more where it matters

If you want to teach someone how to shoot a basketball, you could show them a PowerPoint or coach them directly on the court. Spekit is your on-the-court coach, always available with contextual training content that employees can quickly reference for guidance and get back to work.

"Spekit becomes that one platform your team is familiar with to reference for continued learning."

Todd Tribble headshot

Todd Tribble

VP Sales Ops and Enablement

Centralize onboarding and training content within a single, accessible platform

The average employee spends 3–11 hours (or more) a week just searching for answers. With Spekit, your training content is consolidated into a single platform. Employees can begin with guided training modules on day one and easily access that same content with a simple search from the Chrome Extension every day thereafter.

“Spekit has been so much easier for us. With an LMS, you have to create this huge course module that can be really burdensome. Spekit gives me much more freedom. Right now, I can make a Spek in the middle of a meeting. I don’t have to follow the structure and flow of an LMS in that case. Instead, I can do whatever works for our team.“

Kirsten Lennox headshot

Kirsten Lennox

Training Manager

In Spekit Web App topics section, the topic "sales Stages" is highlighted.

Create, edit, and share new training in minutes, not days

With Spekit, creating new training content is as easy as writing an email. See a common question come through Slack? Copy the question, your response, paste it into a Spek and save — all without ever leaving Slack. Turn one-off questions into evergreen answers in minutes — from anywhere you’re working.

"In addition, it's very simple to edit the content on the fly — if the admin or named SME sees an edit or needs to map a field/process that wasn't included in our first launch, we can do right in Salesforce or other systems and push it to teams within minutes."

Rachel Fisher headshot

Rachel Fisher

Director, Sales Operations and Enablement

Notify your team of policy changes or announce new training content with in-app alerts

Your business moves fast. The way you communicate crucial updates and announcements should too. Trigger in-app alerts to notify employees of important changes to processes, policies, procedures, and more. Use analytics to see who has engaged with the notification, and nudge those who’ve missed it.

“We have put our rigorous onboarding framework into Spekit, which made our onboarding more “self-service.” Most importantly, it decreased our ramp time by 50 days to close a new sale.”

Page Aspinwall headshot

Paige Aspinwall

Training Manager

reduction in time spent documenting training with Spekit
per week regained from eliminating repetitive questions
reduction time spent communicating changes and new initiatives

Increase retention and identify knowledge gaps with bite-sized quizzes

Nobody enjoys being pulled away from what they’re doing to take a quiz. But, it’s still helpful to get a pulse on what knowledge employees are retaining and where gaps exist. Spekit’s Knowledge Checks surface bite-sized, multiple-choice quizzes that employees can take on their terms. Surface after a short training session or as an employee completes a process for the first time to gauge the effectiveness of your training content.

"It is not fun creating word docs- Someone might edit it by mistake or not have access to it. With Spekit, creating content is super intuitive. You can embed quizzes and videos to really teach people but you can also entertain them with gifs and stuff to have fun with it."

Aaron Clark headshot

Aaron Clark

Revenue Systems Enablement Manager

Measure the effectiveness of training content and maintain compliance with real-time analytics

Spekit’s analytics reveal who is searching for what content, where engagement gaps exist, what content employees find the most helpful, and where they are struggling. Don’t wait until your next training session to find out if employees are getting stuck.

"Training today is no longer just sitting in a room or in front of a computer for an hour. Learning happens in the moment for users and that is where Spekit excels. We’ve been able to reduce ad hoc questions and provide valuable in-the-moment training for users without additional work.”

Kara Factor headshot

Kara Factor

Training Manager

Spekit Web App - dashboard showing if users have passed or failed a Knowledge Check and the number of correct answers.

The Spekit Difference

Spekit goes beyond showing your employees where to click. It is a user-friendly, no-code solution that helps companies become exponentially more efficient by reducing friction and barriers to learning so your team can recoup time lost spent searching for critical information, answering repetitive questions, and sitting in long training sessions.

Our just-in-time learning platform delivers bite-sized knowledge and training when and where your employees need it — directly in their flow of work across the tools and applications they use every day so they can excel at their jobs and drive real business outcomes.

Spekit is simple, contextual, and powerful.

Step-by-step walkthroughs
Embeds training contextually, in-app
No-code set up
Ability to communicate small and large changes and announcements in real-time
Surfaces knowledge in multiple ways (in-app, search, embedded, etc.)
Centralized knowledge base or repository
Create walkthroughs and easily update in minutes
Real-time assessments and quizzes
Content Creation
Easy content creation and editing
Robust customization
Supports various content formats (PDF, MP4, HTML, etc.)
Localization and language translation
Out-of-the-box, customizable content templates
Implementation & Integrations
Fast, streamlined implementation
Native Salesforce integration
Slack integration for quick search and new knowledge creation
User engagement and behavior analytics