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HubSpot Terminology Template

Customize this content template featuring the standard terminology of HubSpot to maximize the productivity of your go-to-market teams.

Table of Contents

1. HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales, and CRM platform. It aids businesses in customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Features include the Marketing Hub for campaigns and analytics, the Sales Hub for sales process management, the Service Hub for customer support, a CRM, CMS for websites, automation, and robust analytics.

HubSpot is user-friendly and suitable for various business sizes. It emphasizes inbound marketing by creating valuable content to attract customers.

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2. Actions

The functions that execute when a record is enrolled in a workflow or when a visitor is chatting with a bot.

3. Activity

Actions that are taken on records in the CRM. Examples include notes, emails, tasks, scheduled meetings, and calls. 

4. Activity Feed

A feed that shows engagements such as interactions with your one-to-one emails, meetings booked, document views, and more.

5. Ad Campaign

  • In HubSpot’s ads tool, a campaign created for external ad networks:
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

6. Ads

A tool that allows you to connect a Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ad account to create, track, and report on your ad campaigns.

7. Allowlist

A list of email addresses or IP addresses that your IT team has marked as safe senders with your email provider.

8. Annual Contract Value (ACV)

The value of the deal over a 12-month period.

9. Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

  • The total amount of revenue earned annually for this deal. 
  • This is calculated based on the term length and values of the recurring line items associated with the deal. 
  • If there is no term length, HubSpot assumes a term of 12 months. 
  • It does not take into account the value in the Amount property.

10. Association

  • Represents a connection or relationship between records in the CRM. 
  • You can associate records with each other, or activities with records.

11. Attribution Reports

  • Reports that measure conversion along a customer’s journey.
  • With conversion reports, you can better understand which assets result in the creation of contacts and deals, as well as the revenue generated from closed deals.

12. Blacklist

A list of email servers or domains that a blocklist operator has found to send spam.

13. Calling

A tool that allows you to call a contact directly from their record in the CRM. 

14. Call to Action (CTA)

A button or hyperlink used in your content to drive prospective customers to your website and track clicks.

15. Campaign

  • In HubSpot’s campaigns tool, a campaign allows you to associate related marketing assets and content.
  • e.g., CTAs, landing pages, and social posts.
  • So you can easily measure the effectiveness of your collective marketing efforts.