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ZoomInfo Frequently Asked Questions Template

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Table of Contents

1. Email Alerts in ZoomInfo

Users must be subscribed to Email Alerts to see them

2. Events in ZoomInfo

Keep track of all of your conferences from Events

3. Ideal Customer Profile in ZoomInfo

First, review our Ideal Customer Profiles here:

How to create a new Ideal Customer Profile


1) Click Create New Profile

2) Decide which type of ICP you want to create

  • AI profile
  • Custom profile

3) Select Attributes:

👉 Pro tip: Drag the slider to assign a weight to each attribute


  • Contact Name / Email
  • Job Titles
  • Contact info


  • Industry
  • Headcount
  • Financials
  • Company Attributes


  • US – States
  • US – Metro Regions
  • CA – Provinces
  • CA – Metro Regions
  • International

Postal Code

Street Address


  • Simple search
  • Explore

4. Click Save.

4. In App

Alerts – How to set up alerts based on your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

In App – Alerts can be added for:

  • News
  • Technologies
  • Funding

5. Intent Signals in ZoomInfo

There are three main use cases for sales and marketing teams using intent data in 2020:

  1. Identify early buyer interest: Purchase intent signals help identify which companies are
  2. Lead scoring and prioritizing accounts: Use predictive purchase data to weight your lead
  3. Analyze and retain customers: Get real-time visibility into which customers are researching topics and solutions. Insights like this on existing customers make it possible to up-sell proactively, as well as identify pain points – before you’re blindsided by customers who failed to renew or bought an offering from a competitor they didn’t know you had.

6. Knowledge Center in ZoomInfo

The ZoomInfo Knowledge Center contains material for the following:

  • Administration
  • Applications
  • Customer Release Notes
  • Engage
  • Enrich
  • Featured Trainings
  • Features
  • InboxAI
  • Integrations/Data Connectors
  • NeverBounce
  • Video Library

7. Lists in ZoomInfo

1) Click the blue Upload Lists button to start the process

List Type

2) Click to select the kind of list you are uploading

  • Contacts
  • Companies

3) Click to determine it you want to use:

  • ListMatch
  • Enhance
  • Preview File

4) Click Next

Input List

5) Click to select the list source:

  • Upload CSV
  • My Lists
  • Text Input

6) Click Next

Name List

7) Name your List

8) Give your List a Description

9) Create a Tag for your List

10) Click to Customize Export from Settings

11) Click Next


12) My File Fields offers two options for each field from the associated drop-down

  • My Input Data
  • Select a Field

13) When you have completed the mappings, click Submit

8. Scoops in ZoomInfo

Question: What are Scoops?

Answer: Scoops are unique insights that can be used to identify potential buying signals for your Ideal Customer Profile (IDP)