SALES CONTENT management

The CMS reimagined for the sales rep experience

Enable sales reps to find, share, and track sales content with buyers effortlessly.
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Simplified file management

Upload and organize content in seconds to automatically connect reps with deal-accelerating sales content.

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Effortless content access

Surface and share content in any tool or workflow automatically with the power of AI (no heavy integrations or code required).

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Real-time notifications

Alert sales reps when new content becomes available where they're working to 3x adoption without disrupting productivity.

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Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Purpose-built for the sales rep experience. No complicated bells and whistles that plummet rep adoption.

Your reps are smart. Now, your content is too.

Centralizing your sales content is the first step. The second step? Putting it into [measurable] action. With AI-powered content recommendations to automatically surface the right content, at the right time, reps have instant access to enablement resources wherever they're selling. Using SmartSend, sellers can generate unique, trackable share links and receive instant alerts when buyers engage with content to proactively respond - turning content into customers.

CMS Sales Content Management Simplified

Less searching, more selling

No more endless digging, triple tabbing, or "patiently" waiting for the right content. Surface deal-accelerating resources directly where sales reps sell - in Gong, Chorus, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and more.

Create sharable, trackable links in seconds

Sellers can generate unique share links in a single click that easily paste into any emails or messages.

Receive notifications when buyers and engage with your content and view analytics

Engage the right buyers, at the right time, every time

Strike while the iron is hot. Sales reps can perfectly time their outreach based on real-time alerts that showcase exactly who is viewing content, when, and for how long.

Centralized sales content never looked so good

Take the pain out of content management and get back to doing what you love.

  • Upload and organize in a few clicks
  • Notify your team of new content with in-app alerts
  • Automatically make it accessible in any tool or workflow
Sales Content Management Resources

Reps are wasting precious time digging for content. Now, they don't have to.

No need for reps to open a new tab, another tool, or endlessly search through folders for the right content to send prospects. Spekit AI automatically recommends the right content, at the right time to multiply the impact of your content and your reps.

higher rep quota attainment
increase in deal save rate
more time selling

Reinforce sales playbooks where sales plays happen

Deliver real-time sales plays for high-value accounts, target industries, personas, and more - paired with the content sales reps need to seal the deal - right when and where needed.

Time is money. Save both by ditching your clunky CMS.

CMS solutions are difficult for reps to use and for admins to manage. Create content in seconds with SpekitAI and surface anywhere to drive adoption, engagement, and accelerate pipeline.