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With Spekit, sales playbooks live where sales plays happen

Surface the playbooks reps need when they need them to close deals faster without disrupting productivity.
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Create contextual, agile playbooks that surface across every sales touchpoint

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Deliver sales playbooks where questions arise

Break down playbook content into bite-sized answers to seamlessly guide employees through processes and workflows.

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Easily make changes and adjust playbooks as your strategy evolves

Don’t wait months to make changes you know will drive growth. Publish and communicate playbook updates in minutes.

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Know exactly how your playbooks are impacting performance

Quickly assess the effectiveness of your playbooks, who is using them, and where you can improve.

Reinforce MEDDIC and your sales methodologies in-app to accelerate pipeline velocity

Prospecting happens in real-time; your playbooks and processes should too. Reveal competitive battle cards, objection handling tips, decision criteria, and more in the moment of need.

“Spekit’s true power is delivering playbook snippets in context. If I train my head of sales to qualify, it makes more sense for him to see the process when he’s about to qualify someone. Contextual enablement is definitely the future.”

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Sam Choi

Strategically plan and build accounts with one-click sales plays

No more scrolling through 100-page Google docs. Spekit delivers real-time sales plays for high-value accounts, target industries, personas, and more.

“Spekit has served as our one-stop-shop for all of our reps that have questions regarding our sales processes and best practices, which saves me time so I can focus on other priorities for the team.”

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Kyle Eligio

higher rep quota attainment with Spekit
increase in deal save rate with Spekit
less time communicating changes with Spekit

Help reps push deals through the funnel with real-time coaching and support

Top-performing sales reps are 2x more likely to report they can always find answers to questions independently. Help all of your reps become your best rep.

"Look no further, Spekit is the best. Being able to scale onboarding has been a game-changer. We've been able to reduce the amount of time we are spending responding to questions in Slack by creating content in Spekit and sending Speks."

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Kristen O'Brien

Drive retention and expansion with customer playbooks embedded within Clari, Gainsight, or any web-app

Enablement doesn’t stop once a deal is closed. Give your Customer Success team the knowledge to turn new customers into lifelong champions.

“With the help of Spekit, questions never go unanswered. Spekit has significantly reduced the time that employees are spending searching for content.”

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Gloria Ramchandani