Hey Salesforce Admins: This is how you blaze trails!

July 13, 2023
9:00 am
Join our four-part Salesforce training series designed to help admins up-level their skills and demonstrate valuable impacts at work.
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Episode Overview:

Episode 1: Just-in-Time Content for Salesforce

You’ll learn all about creating documentation that works for your end users. Ben will cover content designed for internal use vs. end users, how to create different types of documentation, templates for an effective content strategy, and documentation management best practices!

Episode 2: Creating Human-Centered Experiences

This episode will help you create better experiences for your users by learning how to minimize context switching and keeping users in the flow of work. You’ll learn the in’s and outs of dynamic experiences including forms and screen flows.

Episode 3: Don’t Let Bad Data Ruin Your Day

We’ll walk you through the different tools admins have for data quality, how to use feedback loops to address and rectify issues with data.

Episode 4: Building Good End User Habits and Proving ROI

The series wraps up with one of the most critical areas to becoming successful in your role - demonstrating ROI. You’ll learn how to improve user adoption, dashboard best practices, and how to improve forecasting and data reliability.