Spekit and Seismic: Accelerate revenue growth in a remote-first world

May 20, 2022
11:00 am
Join Toby Carrington and Melanie Fellay for a fireside chat to hear how Spekit & Seismic accelerate revenue growth
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When it comes to onboarding and enabling new sales reps, the same training programs that worked well as recently as 2019, are now falling short in our remote-first world. A survey conducted by Spekit bears this out. Since going remote, 41% of sellers are facing more challenges with knowledge retention, and 37% are less productive because they can’t easily consult with coworkers.

These challenges are directly impacting seller ramp, morale and effectiveness. But the solution isn’t more training videos. Instead we need to fundamentally rethink how to onboard and enable sellers in a remote-first world.

What if your reps could surface the right playbooks, process guides, case studies and more – directly within your CRM, sales acceleration tool, or any other tool, just when they need it? They’d have more time to sell, higher win rates, and feel a lot more empowered.

Join us for an interactive discussion with Melanie Fellay, CEO and Co-founder of Spekit, and Toby Carrington, EVP of Global Operations at Seismic, to learn how you can combine Spekit and Seismic to reduce ramp time and deliver continuous, in-app enablement.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • See a live DEMO of the new Spekit & Seismic integration!!
  • Get hard data on how the pandemic and work-from-home shift has impacted sellers
  • Be able to pinpoint specific areas where your onboarding programs may be falling short
  • Walk away with concrete ideas on how Seismic & Spekit together can “remote-proof” your onboarding and enablement programs, allowing you to grow faster than ever