Spekit Scuffles: How to combat the top sales objections

October 19, 2023
10:00 am
Join us for a family feud-style interview where two experts go head-to-head to tackle the most pressing questions facing revenue today.
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Christina Brady
Christina Brady
SVP of Sales
Laura Wheeler
Laura Wheeler
VP of Revenue Operations & Enablement

Are you ready for an fun showdown that dives into the secrets to sales success in today’s challenging environment? Join us for Spekit’s first ever Spekit Scuffles, a family feud-style interview where two sales and revenue experts, Christina Brady and Laura Wheeler, will go head-to-head to tackle the most pressing questions facing revenue today.

In the red corner, we have Christina Brady, a seasoned sales veteran with a proven track record of crushing objections and surpassing targets. In the blue corner, we have Laura Wheeler, a dynamic sales strategist known for her innovative approaches to overcoming challenges and driving revenue growth. These two powerhouses will compete in a battle of wits and experience to provide you with actionable insights that can transform your sales team’s performance.

What can you expect from this epic showdown?

  • Real-world solutions for addressing common objections and challenges your sales reps are facing right now
  • Interactive format that allows you to be part of the action and is just fun to watch if we’re being honest
  • Uncover winning techniques and strategies that top-performing sales professionals use to combat objections effectively

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a sales battle for the ages and gain invaluable insights to help your team thrive in today’s challenging sales landscape.

Register today to receive access to the full on-demand episode on October 19th. We’re also sending one lucky live viewer a limited-edition, Speki plush!