How Handshake and Greenlight Guru Use Spekit for 3x Faster Sales Onboarding

October 1, 2023
12:13 pm
Enablement leaders from Handshake and Greenlight Guru will dive into how they use Spekit to streamline tool implementation & onboarding.
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David Lott
David Lott
Head of Customer Strategy
Aaron Clark
Aaron Clark
Revenue Systems Enablement Manager

Ever wondered how real Spekit users organize their knowledge bases to reach their goals? Wish you could ask questions in real-time?

Well, now you can.

In our first installment of Spekit Stories, we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain to reveal how real Spekit users organize their knowledge bases for faster sales onboarding and tool implementation.

You’ll learn how real customers:

  • Use Spekit to speed up tool implementation and adoption
  • Organize content within Spekit to streamline sales onboarding
  • Fit Spekit into their existing tech stack