Sales Enablement Training & Certifications [2024]

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Selling goes beyond being able to engage prospects or customers. The success of your sales team (and ultimately your business) depends on salespeople having the technical knowledge and skills required to successfully implement your defined sales enablement strategy.

That's where sales enablement training comes in. This comprehensive approach equips your sales reps with the tools, skills, and processes they need to effectively engage with prospects, close deals, and drive revenue growth. But with so many training options available, how do you ensure you're investing in the right programs for your team?

This article contains everything you need to know about sales enablement training and certification, as well as a list of the best training programs.

What is Sales Enablement?

To keep moving prospects down the pipeline, sales reps need resources like sales content, CRM tools, training, and more. Sales enablement is the structured process you put in place to equip your sales team with everything they need to meet quota expectations and close deals faster.  It’s about ensuring those resources are relevant, easily accessible, and impactful in real-time scenarios.

Sales enablement is important. It helps you enable revenue by directing 100% of sales reps' focus to selling, helping marketing understand what sales assets are important, tracking performance metrics, and using insights to make data-driven decisions. 

What is Sales Enablement Training?

Sales enablement training is an enablement strategy that focuses specifically on improving the skills of salespeople within your organization through sales coaching, training workshops, and an effective sales tech stack. According to research, effective sales enablement training can raise win rates by up to 29%.

Effective sales enablement training leverages a combination of in-person learning, workflow tools, digital materials, and virtual instructions to provide the theoretical and hands-on practical knowledge that sales reps need.

Sales Enablement Training Example

Let’s say you’re trying to implement a new software like ZoomInfo to help your sales reps work faster, but they are having trouble understanding the platform or simply don’t want to adopt it because of the learning curve required. You could set up an in-person workshop or virtual session showing them how to navigate ZoomInfo using this basic training guide designed by Spekit.  

Spekit also has intuitive features that keep your reps engaged throughout the learning session. With features like Speks for creating bite-sized lessons in seconds and Knowledge Checks to quickly assess knowledge retention, it's easy to set up sales enablement training. You can also embed lessons in their workflow so reps can learn without disrupting productivity. 

salesforce and spekit
Pulse-check training effectiveness without disrupting productivity

Then, you can have a session where you ask them to do a task with and without using ZoomInfo. This way they can apply what they’ve learned and also see how the platform optimizes their processes and helps them work faster. 

Best Sales Enablement Training and Certifications

Ready to optimize your team’s sales enablement efforts? Here are sales enablement training and certifications that will enable your sales reps to sell better:

1. Scaling Sales Course by Spekit

Scaling Sales Course by Spekit is an impactful 7-hour course for RevOps and sales enablement professionals. It is designed based on the accumulated experience of over a dozen contributors and seven industry experts who have handled enablement and Revops for renowned companies. 

This free course is great for intermediate salespeople who want to learn how to design sales playbooks, create effective onboarding flows, manage change in processes, select and effectively use the best sales tech stack, build capacity growth models, and train and retain sales reps. 

Learn how to build an airtight onboarding flow with Spekit 

In addition to the course, Spekit offers a comprehensive collection of playbooks, content templates, and guides on sales processes, CRM usage, sales content management, sales prospecting, and how to use technical tools like ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Salesforce Lightning. With these templates, you can enable your sales reps in minutes with best practices to sell better. 

Upon course completion, learners receive a free certificate to validate their newly earned expertise in scaling sales operations. 

Delivery method: Online 

Duration: 7 hours stretch or over 3 weeks

Pricing: Free

2. Sales Enablement Training by Hubspot Academy

The Sales Enablement Training course curriculum offers a lead qualification framework, a strategy for building a sales tech stack, and how to facilitate collaboration meetings that drive performance and accountability. It is suitable for individuals who want to enhance their sales enablement knowledge, small business owners looking to drive business growth through the best sales strategies, and marketers and salespeople interested in collaboration. 

Delivery method: Self-paced online course

Duration: 7:15 hours

Pricing: Free

3. Corporate Sales Training by Learners Point Academy

Corporate Sales Training program is designed for salespeople who want to learn how to manage client relationships. It covers sales processes, effective communication techniques, and strategies like persuasive communication, understanding market trends, prioritizing tasks, and collaborating with other teams. 

The course offers practical and hands-on learning of theoretical concepts that show sales reps how to identify, target, and close deals with prospects.

Delivery method: Online, Classroom, or Onsite

Duration: 24 hours

Pricing: Not specified

4. Sales Enablement Professional by Sales Enablement Pro

sales enablement logo

Sales Enablement Professional is for entry-level and experienced sales practitioners to learn key aspects of sales enablement through six courses, including collaborative relationships, adult learning, enablement charter, project management, sales personas, and the sales landscape. 

Sales professionals will learn to drive business goals with sales readiness, nurture relationships with other professionals, define key enablement objectives, and navigate an increasingly complex sales landscape. 

Delivery method: Self-paced online course

Duration: 120 hours

Pricing: $275

5. Sales Management Training by ASLAN

The ASLAN sales management training program is a catalyst workshop for front-line sales leaders. It is divided into three modules: lead, manage, and coach, curated to enable sales leaders to understand driving lasting behavior in sales reps through effective leadership. Sales leaders will learn how to motivate team members, develop clear work processes, and encourage professional development among team members.

Delivery method: Onsite and virtual 

Duration: Not specified

Pricing: Not specified

6. Sales Enablement Certified by Product Marketing Alliance

PMA logo

Sales enablement certified provides sales enablement training for product marketing managers, marketing managers, and sales professionals. The course first introduces sales enablement and how to start or rework a sales strategy and communicate it effectively to key stakeholders. Then, learners will be shown how to build their sales asset library, use enablement tools when building sales enablement processes, and how to launch their strategy officially. Learners will have access to written lessons and coursework covering real-life case studies and practical activities. 

Delivery method: On-demand online courses

Duration: 4+ hours

Pricing: $500

7. Sandler Sales Foundation Program by Sandler Training

Sandler Training has the Sandler Sales Foundation program, an introductory sales course that gives an overview of the Sandler seven-step selling system. Learners can adopt this sales methodology and use it to establish a sales process and language within their team. 

The course details external skills like gathering information about prospects and engaging them in productive conversations, and internal skills like developing behaviors that help sellers.  

Delivery method: In-person training

Duration: Not specified

Pricing: Not specified 

8. Sales Negotiation Training by RAIN Group 

Sales negotiation training by RAIN Group aims to improve sales professionals' negotiation skills, enabling them to close deals at higher margins. The training is designed for individuals and small teams that want to learn the fundamentals of sales negotiation, including common mistakes to avoid, buyer bargaining tactics, and a negotiation framework. 

At the end of the program, learners would grasp 16 buyer manipulation tactics and how to handle them. 

Delivery method: Self-paced online courses

Duration: 3 months 

Pricing: $199/month

9. Sales Assembly Membership 

Sales assembly membership is built specifically for B2B revenue professionals. The membership-based training program gives learners access to year-round live-learning professional development and a community to collaborate with peers. 

Sales assembly membership offers personalized skill training through customizable learning formats and forums where learners access ongoing support. 

Delivery method: Live training 

Duration: 1-year

Pricing: Not specified 

10. Sales Enablement Mastery by Saleshood

Sales enablement mastery is a course based on the sales enablement book written by the CEO of Saleshood. It is for sales professionals at any level of their career. The course modules provide an overview of sales enablements such as the skills and competencies required, sales content usage, buyer engagement, sales onboarding essentials, and guides like sales pitches and sales plays. 

Delivery method: On-demand online classes

Duration: Not specified

Pricing: Free

11. Agility Solutions for Sellers by VantagePoint Performance

The Vantage Point training solution Agility Solutions for Sellers is a workshop where participants learn situational and foundational agility. With situational agility, sellers will learn how to assess buying situations, choose an appropriate strategy, and execute it properly. Foundational agility provides insights into the buyer journey, enabling sellers to understand what is important to buyers at every stage of their buying journey. 

Delivery method: Not Specified

Duration: Not specified

Pricing: Not specified 

Elements of an Effective Sales Enablement Training Program

Here a four important elements needed for your sales enablement training program to be effective:

Sales Enablement Training Courses

Employees want to be offered learning opportunities within their field. Without sales enablement courses–you might lose up to 60% of your team.

Sales enablement training courses cover wide topics such as sales methodologies, customer relationship management, buyer personas, product knowledge, prospecting, and communication techniques. They can be designed as introductory courses for onboarding new sales reps or advanced courses for experienced reps to refine or gain new skills. 

spekit sales
Enable sales reps with bite-sized courses delivered in their work flow through Spekit

These courses are delivered as self-paced online lessons, personalized in-person classes, or a combination of both. They could be handled by professional training organizations, online learning platforms, institutions, or your company as part of your sales enablement programs. Course durations can last anywhere from hours to months, depending on the depth of training. 

Sales Enablement Training Coaches

These are sales enablement professionals with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in sales, sales enablement, sales management, and automating sales processes through sales enablement software. They are essential in any sales training program as employees are 8x more likely to be engaged when they have a coach. You can use a professional sales coach or let your in-house sales manager train the team.  

Platforms like Spekit save you the stress of looking for a coach. Spekit gives your sales reps easy access to the industry's best sales enablement coaches, allowing them to draw knowledge from the experiences of revenue and sales enablement professionals. 

Spekit’s sales enablement lesson on sales playbook delivered by top enablement professionals

Sales Enablement Training Software

Sales enablement training software is designed to help you manage, create, deliver, and monitor sales enablement training. It can automate certain manual processes, such as creating courses, giving access to courses, and delivering training to sales reps when and when needed. 

spekit analytic
Analyze learner’s engagement and course effectiveness with Spekit analytics. 

With Spekit, you can achieve 50% faster onboarding, training, and ramp time. You also have access to reporting and analytics that provide insights into learners' progress and course effectiveness, enabling you to make data-driven decisions on how best to train your sales reps. 

Sales Enablement Training Certifications

Sales enablement training certifications are credentials that sales reps earn after completing training courses. Certifications are a great way to motivate your sales reps to start and finish their training, as a certificate validates their knowledge and skills and enhances their credibility with prospects.

Some programs offer free certification, while others require you to pay a substantial amount before your reps can receive completion certificates. 

More About Sales Enablement Training

Answers to other questions about sales enablement training:

Best sales enablement certification

If you want the best sales enablement certification to transform your sales team into the best, sign them up for Spekit’s Scaling Sales course. This is the #1 course for sales enablement. It contains expert-written lessons, playbooks, and templates guaranteed to scale your sales team's performance. 

Sales enablement training free

Typically, sales enablement training costs a lot of money, and most free courses aren’t in-depth or teach sales strategies that don’t work. If you want free training that gives you access to lessons written by sales industry experts who have run enablement at top companies, try Spekit’s free 7-hour sales course. 

How can I find sales enablement training near me?

To find sales enablement training near you, you can run a Google search for training programs within your location if you want in-person lessons. However, if you’re open to virtual training, your location does not matter. There are hundreds of online sales training courses via sales enablement platforms. 

The Bottom Line on Sales Enablement Training & Certifications

With sales enablement training and certifications, you have to get it right and give your sales reps access to valuable courses that actually provide the skills they need to scale their performance. Your sales reps are busy selling,  so you can’t waste their time with a course that teaches knowledge that does not apply in the real world. 

What you need is an online learning platform that reinvents learning at work. Spekit has compiled learning insights, stories, and templates from thousands of companies into seven detailed, free, easily digestible lessons. 

Spekit’s learning platform offers a centralized hub for all your training materials. It supports just-in-time learning, enabling you to deliver courses in workflows so reps can learn while they work. 

With bite-sized knowledge checks, you can verify that reps understand training, and track important metrics like course engagement, completion, and effectiveness using real-time analytics.  

Experience the difference of Spekit. 

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