17+ Best Sales Enablement Software Tools [2023]

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Almost 70% of organizations that exceeded their revenue targets have a sales enablement team. Effective implementation of sales enablement strategies isn’t a mere buzzword in today’s competitive business ecosystem; it’s a critical driver that catapults sales performance and revenue growth.

Of course, this success is supported by sales enablement software that provides reps with the resources and tools they need to fill their pipeline and close deals. But…you can’t just use any sales enablement tool. Their features, implementation processes, and ease of use vary considerably. In fact, sales reps report that learning some of their company’s sales tools is just as difficult as learning the product they sell.

To properly equip and empower your sales team, we’ve curated a list of some of the best sales enablement software on the market today!

Table of Contents

What are Sales Enablement Tools?

Are you spending most of your time updating training content? And the rest of your time answering repetitive questions on the content? Toss in a growing remote workforce, smaller budgets, and rapid organizational changes — while you’re trying to quickly ramp up new reps and improve the efficiency of existing reps. The sales enablement struggle is real.

Fortunately, sales enablement software is here to help! Sales enablement tools are technology-based solutions built to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. They aid the sales team in all their interactions with potential customers, from lead generation to deal closure.

Examples include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, sales analytics software, content management systems, communication tools, and training and coaching platforms. Such tools improve sales productivity, boost overall sales revenues, help new reps ramp up faster, and save all team members time.  

Sales Enablement Software Features to Look For

When evaluating the top sales enablement platforms, here are some key features, benefits, and properties to consider in your evalution.

Ease of Use

Look for a tool that’s easy to use–and easy to start using. Even if a platform seems great, if it takes weeks for your reps to start using it effectively, it will be challenging to see a quick ROI.  

Questions to ask during the evaluation stage to determine how easy the tool will be to use include:

  • How long does it typically take to implement a tool like this?
  • What other tools (if any) will I need to purchase to make these tools successful? For example, you might purchase a Salesforce license, but without the addition of multiple plugins and integrations, you won’t be able to utilize the platform fully.
  • How much time is required to maintain this tool?

Most reps spend 3–11 hours per week searching for answers to questions about tools and processes…and most sales leaders report spending four or more hours each week answering questions about them.

To avoid this, look for a platform that offers a user-friendly interface, mobile accessibility, native integration with your tech stack, and comprehensive training and support resources.

You’ll also want to take this opportunity to skim through technology review sites like G2 to get honest user feedback. See what the reps are saying who use this product every day. Are they happy? Frustrated? This candid feedback will help to guide your selection process.

Accessible, Contextual Content

The pace of business today doesn’t slow for anyone, which means your teams need access to updated, accurate information directly in their flow of work. Instead of forcing sales reps to dig through a lengthy document, review an old training session, or ping a colleague, the best sales enablement software can help them reach the information they need, right when they need it – no switching between tools and draining productivity.

This means you’ll want to look for a tool that provides on-demand answers and allows employees to stay in their flow of work.

Tech Stack Integrations

Sales reps are already bogged down by unnecessary tasks preventing them from core selling activities…including managing their tech stack. Forrester’s Sales Activity Study showed that sales professionals spent 26% of their time on administrative tasks–including troubleshooting tech stack integration.

You don’t want to spend the time and resources to implement a new software only to find out it doesn’t integrate well with some of your other applications. Ensure the software you’re working with integrates effectively with your current sales technologies.

Data & Analytics

Measuring the ROI of sales enablement isn’t simple, but it’s critical. If you can’t prove the value of your enablement program, getting support from the C-suite for additional tools or resources you need to help your team is challenging. You’ll need to prove both meaningful and measurable impact on revenue growth in your organization.

Fortunately, the best sales enablement tools can gather and analyze data, track the sales enablement metrics you’re looking to optimize, and provide actionable insights on how to improve your efforts.

Armed with sales productivity data showing exactly how your team is moving the needle on revenue, you’re more likely to get additional buy-in for your future sales enablement efforts.

Best Sales Enablement Tools and Software

Here are some of the best sales enablement software tools to empower your organization to develop a robust sales process and support revenue growth.

1. Spekit

Spekit is a just-in-time enablement platform designed to accelerate revenue by empowering every sales rep with the answers, knowledge, coaching, and training they need directly within the tools they use every day.

How? Instead of relying on outdated LMS courses, PDFs, and lengthy training sessions of the past, Spekit automatically surfaces answers and training directly within the applications or workflows where questions arise. This ensures sales reps never have to leave what they’re doing to get the resources, guidance, or support they need.

Here’s how it works:

  • Teams create Speks, or contextual playbooks, that provide bite-sized information within any app or workflow. Reps receive one-click access to competitive battle cards, objection-handling tips, and decision criteria in real-time, enhancing their ability to close deals.
  • Using Spekit analytics and data visualizations, sales managers can monitor the engagement and effectiveness of sales enablement materials, their impact on sales performance, and where improvements can be made.
  • Bite-sized Knowledge Checks help you quickly assess and reinforce knowledge and instantly understand if your training resonates with insights delivered automatically.
  • Spekit streamlines the creation and delivery of in-app sales plays for high-value accounts, target industries, and specific personas. Sales teams can also make real-time changes to playbooks as their sales strategy evolves without waiting for lengthy update cycles.

Key Features:

  • Set up takes minutes, not months. Quickly surface bite-sized content that provides your teams with answers to questions to minimize mistakes and maximize performance.
  • Develop an organized knowledge base with content created by subject-matter experts easily accessible by your sales team.
  • Create simple assessments from the platform to reinforce new knowledge.
  • Measure how effective your content is based on your team’s performance and how they accessed the content.
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party apps like Salesforce, Slack, Chrome, and more, so knowledge resources are easily accessible across familiar workflows

Best for: Just-in-time sales enablement. Spekit surfaces the content your reps need exactly when and where they need it. Employees can stay in the zone while accessing contextual, bite-sized answers that help them keep customers flowing down the sales pipeline.

With Spekit, sales teams see 80% faster ramp times, 70% increases in deal save rates, and 20% higher rep quota attainment.

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2. Outreach.io

Outreach.io‘s sales execution platform gives users a broad view of the sales cycle and governance capabilities for sales teams. It integrates AI and machine learning across the sales cycle to analyze deal health, run A/B tests, simulate forecasts, conduct sentiment analysis, and more.

Sales Enablement Software - Outreach


Key Features:

  • Manage sales, deals, and pipelines
  • AI-driven insights from video and phone calls
  • Built-in scenario modeling
  • Restrict and grant content access to team members

Best for: Sales teams looking to leverage AI for sales execution

Pro Tip

Learn how sales enablement teams use Spekit and Outreach.io to help sales reps spend more time selling.

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3. Whatfix

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that offers personalized onboarding, interactive guidance, and on-demand support. It’s often used to create content for web-based enterprise applications, custom web applications, and consumer-facing websites.

Sales Enablement Software - Whatfix


Key Features:

  • Interactive guided flows and in-app messaging
  • Aggregates and manages resources and training material
  • Collects user behavior and run feedback surveys

Best for: Change management and employee and user onboarding

4. Seismic

Seismic offers support for sales enablement teams with sales content management, learning & coaching options, data reporting on sales enablement efforts, and personalized content creation for sales reps. Seismic also provides additional products for marketing and customer service teams.

Sales Enablement Software - Seismic


Key Features:

  • Search functionality and recommendations
  • Correlates sales performance based on relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Merges CRM data with the platform’s content performance insights

Best for: Customer-facing teams looking for one-sheets, FAQs, and resources.

Read more: Spekit for Seismic

5. Highspot

The Highspot platform is a sales enablement platform offering sales content management, training, and coaching. Users can also create digital sales rooms for buyers and customers that include curated content, personalized videos, slide decks, and more.

Sales Enablement Software - Highspot

Key Features:

  • Create sales content with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Sales playbook templates
  • Blended learning experiences

Best for: Those looking to create a consolidated library of sales content.

6. Intercom

Intercom is an AI customer service tool working to automate and reduce the support volume of customer-facing teams. It provides an AI chatbot, help desk centralization, and proactive support tools, as well as a data dashboard to organize customer interactions.

Sales Enablement Software - Intercom

Key Features:

  • Connect customer inbox, help center, and tickets in one workspace
  • AI-powered chatbot Fin provides conversational customer support
  • Omnichannel messenger

Best for: Revenue teams that need customer service support.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot offers a variety of tools for marketing, sales, and customer support experience teams. The platform supports sales enablement efforts specifically through its free CRM, which tracks and analyzes sales activity in real time, shares customer follow-up notifications, provides personalized email templates, and much more.

Sales Enablement Software - Hubspot


Key Features:

  • Visual sales pipeline dashboard
  • Live chat software
  • AI email writer & email templates
  • Meeting scheduler

Best for: Sales & marketing teams that need a CRM solution.

Pro Tip

Learn how sales enablement teams use Spekit and HubSpot to 3x revenue growth.

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8. Guru

Guru is a knowledge management platform that helps teams create, compile, and organize content from different sources and deliver them to other team members and customers. It also offers a search function and an “intranet” with wiki functionality.

Sales Enablement Software - Guru

Key Features:

  • Internal workplace wiki building
  • Works across departments and teams
  • Easy content creation

Best for: Sales teams looking to build a knowledge base.

9. Salesloft

Salesloft is a “revenue workflow pattern” that supports pipeline building, management, and forecasting. The platform’s AI also collects data on top of real-time human insights to compute and predict future sales outcomes.

Sales Enablement Software - Salesloft

Key Features:

  • Establish and identify pipelines based on prospect and customer data
  • Transcribe and summarize user conversations using AI
  • Sales forecasting software

Best for: Go-to-market teams looking to improve their sales pipeline.

10. Membrain

Membrain is a sales enablement CRM that helps companies identify prospects, forecast sales, and manage sales accounts. It can run alongside, replace, or plug into existing CRMs, offering features including pipeline management, prospecting, lead scoring, sales analytics, and content management.

Sales Enablement Software - Membrain


Key Features:

  • Identifies top sales prospects
  • Customizable sales steps for every customer
  • Content management hub

Best for: Optimizing B2B sales

11. Mindtickle

Mindtickle is a revenue enablement platform that supports sales training and coaching with training programs and templates, coaching rooms, and performance tracking. It all offers sales content management, digital sales rooms, and sales forecasting.

Sales Enablement Software - Mindtickle


Key Features:

  • Create and offer training and coaching resources to staff
  • Gather call data to generate insights
  • Identify factors to measure the performance of sales reps against

Best for: Build the sales rep knowledge through personalized content and coaching.

12. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is composed of different tools for sales, marketing, operations, hiring, and data management. Their SalesOS offers buyer prospecting, voice of customer analytics, automated sales campaigns, and intelligent recommendations.

Sales Enablement Software - ZoomInfo

Key Features:

  • Email interaction analytics
  • B2B customer database
  • Chorus conversational analytics

Best for: Brands looking to fortify their go-to-market strategy by using real-time analytics.

Pro Tip

Access free, customizable ZoomInfo sales training content and surface where reps are prospecting to boost productivity and pipeline.

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13. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based, CRM platform that unites businesses across sales, customer service, marketing, and IT by providing a single source of truth about customers and leads. Its sales enablement platform provides a guidance center, analytics reporting, milestone tracking, in-app coaching, sales templates, and more.  

Sales Enablement Software - Salesforce


Key Features:

  • Deal and pipeline management
  • Sales forecasting and reporting
  • Sales efficiency KPI tracking

Best for: CRM support

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14. Brainshark

Brainshark provides access to on-demand training for sales reps, coaching assessments, and AI-powered feedback. It also gauges the readiness of sales reps based on their training and coaching performance.

Sales Enablement Software - Brainshark


Key Features:

  • Identify performance issues in the workflow of teams
  • Interactive sales content creation
  • Personalized training within coaching lessons

Best for: Improving readiness of sales, marketing, and customer support teams

15. Gong.io

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform used to increase close rates and accelerate revenue growth. Gong captures and analyzes customer interactions (calls, emails, chats, presentations, and more) to give sales reps insights on how to increase sales.


Key Features:

  • View pipeline health in a visual format
  • Build a coaching program using data and AI suggestions
  • AI-driven deal intelligence
  • Buyer and competitor activity insights

Best for: Revenue operations enablement

16. DocSend

Dropbox’s DocSend is an online document-sharing platform for creating and managing sales pitch decks, proposals, and contracts across teams. It also offers document and video analytics, virtual data rooms, secure client portals for sharing completed documents with customers, and eSignature functionalities.

Sales Enablement Software - Dropbox


Key Features:

  • Control who gets access to the files
  • Real-time feedback and changes to documents
  • Document visitation statistics

Best for: Efficient document sharing.

17. Reply.io

Reply.io is a sales engagement software that uses AI to optimize the sales process. This platform helps sales teams find new prospects and engage with them through multiple channels. Sales teams can create emails to prospects from its selection of templates and connect the email sequence with automated steps on platforms like social media, cloud calls, and personalized videos.

Sales Enablement Software - Reply.io

Key Features:

  • Prospect list from a B2B database
  • Personalized emails, messages, and calls for your multi-channel sequences
  • Schedule meetings with prospects
  • Track and analyze campaign performance

Best for: Personalized multi-channel sequences.

Use the Best Sales Enablement Tool

With the sales landscape almost consistently in a state of change, choosing an agile sales enablement tool is crucial to streamlining your business processes, enhancing productivity, and boosting your sales.

Out of this list of the best sales enablement software, Spekit’s just-in-time enablement platform can help you turn every rep into a top performer.

By delivering contextual, personalized coaching and enablement exactly where sales play happens, teams can reduce ramp time, increase retention, and accelerate pipeline velocity. Plus, the platform integrates with and improves the workflows and efficiency of the other platforms on this list, including Outreach, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

Ready to dramatically increase pipeline velocity, reduce context switching, and drive knowledge retention?

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